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3 Simple Steps to Ignite your Sex Life

If your sex life is either non-existent or boring as f**k, and you want to change that, keep reading! When you implement these three steps your wife (or future wife) is going to be filled with nonstop sexual desire for you. ​​Welcome to the secrets of the everlasting honeymoon phase. For men who are in long-term relationships and want to re-ignite the days of hot passion, start implementing these steps right away. If your single and dating, make these steps a habit and you will lay down the foundations for a passion filled relationship. WARNING!! If you try to skip ​step 1 or 2, step 3 will not matter. ​​​​ Step 1: Remove the Barriers Barriers are external and internal factors that stop your partners sex energy from being aroused.​​​​​​ Here are the TOP 5 BARRIERS that will stop your partners sexual desire from being unleashed.

  1. Stress

  2. The feeling of being Unappreciated/Taken for Granted

  3. Feeling Disconnected from you

  4. ​Lack of trust – physically/emotionally

  5. Body image issues

These barriers will not be removed overnight, but with time, patience and nurturing, these barriers can be removed from any woman. You will then unleash a Goddess into this world... ​​and you my friend will be the benefactor of her giving spirit ;) To remove the barriers in her, you must first remove the same barriers within yourself. You will only take your partner to the levels of freedom, self-expression and pleasure that you yourself can go. Step 2: Boil The Water Men and women get aroused in different ways. The BIGGEST MISTAKE men make when trying to arouse their wives is approaching them in the way they would like to be aroused. This is why unsolicited dick pics are flying around the internet right now. ​​ ​​Understand, men are fire. They are quick to get hot and quick to cool off. Men can go from un-aroused to aroused in less than 60 seconds. Men are highly visual, that is why porn has become so attractive and addictive for men.​​ Women are water. Water must be heated and can take a long time to boil and takes it's time cooling off, these qualities are also true for women. Women are not as visual as men, they are much more in tune with the way they feel and think. This is why romance novels are popular for women but not men​​​​ . These novels can get her to engage her mind into a fantasy scenario and arouse her though feelings and thoughts. ​​You have to learn to do the same! ​​For a woman, arousal is much more about the way she feels and what's occupying her mind than what she sees. ​​​ Here is how you boil the water, or in other words... how to turn her on slowly. 1. Do things that make her feel desired and sexy Three ways you can do this are, ​​

  1. Flattering Her

  2. ​Showing her how much you appreciate her in a genuine way

  3. Being deeply thoughtful about her (this means keeping her best interests in mind and going out of your way to put her needs first)

2. Build Sexual Tension - The more the better!

There is no right or wrong way to build sexual tension between you are your partner. This would depend on your partner and the type of fantasies, turn-ons and moods you like to share or want to explore.

​​While there are many ways to do this, one thing is for sure, take your time!

I know I have blown some really cool sexual experiences because I ​went to fast. Slow down and take your time, this will remove coming across desperate and needy which are game killers.​

​​If you do the other steps well sexual tension will be a natural occurrence. ​

Step 3. Be a Powerhouse in the Bedroom

Being a powerhouse doesn't mean trying to mimic porn videos and being as rough as possible (unless that is what she wants). Being a powerhouse in the bedroom means being able to be who she wants you to be in that moment.​​

Being a powerhouse in the bedroom means you can last as long as you want, create dynamic experiences and stay in control of your body, mind and energy. When you are a powerhouse in the bedroom she will keep coming back for more.

Here is the truth!

The reason why most guys don't have the sex life they want is because most guys stop doing steps 1 and 2 and unconsciously start to expect sex, instead of creating the scenarios where sex is a natural next step.

To master these steps you MUST become conscious of how your own sex energy influences you. This is the starting point of your journey to becoming a sexual alchemist.

If you want to become a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom, register for Sex Mastery 101 coming up on June 12th 2021. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



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