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Can you have Sex 24/7?

Sex is a beautiful and pleasurable part of life, and unlike all other species on this planet (expect for dolphins) we get to enjoy sex all year round.

Every other species has a mating season when nature determines its time for procreation.

This is an interesting point to observe. Does this mean that nature wants us having sex 24/7?

The answer is both yes and no.

Sex for an animal is purely physical. It is meant to have a baby, and nature determines the time and place.

Sex for human beings is meant to have a baby as well, but as humans, we have sex for many other reasons as well. Connection, love, lust, power and fulfilling fantasies created or planted in your mind. ​I will leave it up to you to decide your philosophical or moral stance on sex, but here is what is fact...​

Sex is about creation and creation is happening 24/7. Nature did not stop creating at the big bang. ​​Nature is always creating, maintaining and destroying. Nature is always transforming one form and turning it into another through it's unlimited energies. As part and parcel of this divine nature you are gifted with the same qualities, just in a minute quantity. ​​

When you are creating you are using your sex energy. Whether you are creating a baby, a business, a new habit, or a love affair that would rival Romeo and Juliet. It's all creation. The overwhelming challenge many men face these days is that we have got out of creation mode and are now fully in consumption mode. Consuming too much food, social media, porn, drugs and alcohol. Why do we do this? We want to find the pleasure in life. Because we wrongly identify ourselves as physical bodies instead of spiritual beings, we seek pleasure only on a physical level. ​​​​​​ Through sexual alchemy you learn to mix the emotions of romance and faith into every aspect of life allowing you to be in a creative mode 24/7. Since you are always creating, you are always having sex. This sex is not physical, it is spiritual. The difference between sex on the physical level is that it has a limit to the amount and the pleasure experienced. Once that same sexual drive is turned into sex on a spiritual level, it becomes unlimited in both amount and pleasure. ​​ To be able to achieve this blissful state of life you must learn to build your sex energy through #semenretention​. Once you can hold your semen for long periods of time, you can use the techniques of sexual alchemy ​to mix raw sex energy with it's higher emotions of romance and faith, giving you a reservoir of unlimited pleasure. ​​

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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