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Control Your Sexual Energy by doing this...

"Once you control your mind, you can conquer your body" - unknown

Your body follows the activities of your mind. If you learn to consciously direct the activities of your mind, then the actions of your body will follow.

What are the benefits of mind control?

- Better sex

- More fun and dynamic relationships

- Lower body fat percentage

- An attractive physique

- Deeper and more fulfilling meditations

The reason you feel bored or unsatisfied with your sex life is you fail to put in the effort to become a powerful lover.

Unfortunately, a kind of mental laziness sets in with modern men, so instead of creating fun, dynamic and adventurous sex, they expect their partner to create it for them.

That is the one of the biggest dangers of watching porn or relying on "internet sex"

Porn trains you to be lazy in your relationships and sex life. This happens subtly overtime, but with self analysis it can be easily seen how you have become lazy.

(even if you are single or on the dating scene, effort is the secret to a magical land attractive life)

An adventurous life, both in and outside the bedroom doesn't come without effort or intention. It must be something you create consciously, step by step, pushing the boundaries of comfort and raising your own sexual energy and power.

The way to control your mind is to create a lifestyle that nourishes the outcome you want. If you want a plant to grow, you must provide for it, protect it from dangers and feed it the right nutrients.

Similarly, if you want your health, sex life and relationships to grow, you must develop the lifestyle that provides for it, protecting it from danger ( dangers to lifestyles are thoughts, actions and people who are not congruent with your goals, especially at the start) and nourishing it through daily action.

For the men who work with us inside the Semen Retention Army (registration closed until the new year) or work with me 1:1 inside the Powerhouse Man Program, you develop a lifestyle which includes a 20-30 minute sexual alchemy daily practice.

It is this daily practice that nourishes, protects and provides the right nutrients (semen retention) so you can have the energy and proper sexual flow in your body to create the experiences you want.

If you are ready for a lifestyle change in your health, relationships and sex life, get on my schedule and book a free call for us to discuss how I can help you achieve this.

Sending you lots of love,


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