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How to make more money with Semen Retention

You can make a TON of money and have a great financial life, (even during a recession) if you take your semen retention lifestyle seriously.  Consider this... Making money is about focus, long term thinking, and being able to stay disciplined to see your plan come to fruition.  ​​Without these qualities, your likely going to waste your money on fruitless pursuits, like drugs, alcohol and porn.   While drugs, alcohol and porn may bring some short term pleasure and fun, in the long term it causes more damage then good.  I am not telling you that you have to turn into a saint, but I am telling you that unless you develop these qualities, no financial success will happen.  (I know from personal experience) When you take to semen retention and practice sexual alchemy, you are developing all these qualities, and so much more.  

Your focus, will power and discipline will skyrocket giving you the strength and clarity of mind to make decisions that are good for your long term gain, instead of short term pleasure.  (which equals an empty bank account) ​​As you retain your semen for longer periods of time, your entire vibration will increase, which will attract more money making opportunities to you.   You cannot live in a low energetic state and expect to make BIG BANK.   What is your mindset about money?  Do you think in terms of saving or investing?  You cannot save yourself to wealth, you must learn to make investments.  This means that you have to take whatever money you have and invest it so it will bring you an increased return. THERE IS NO BETTER INVESTMENT THAN THE INVESTMENT INTO YOUR OWN GROWTH! You will never out earn your own capacity!    ​​Semen retention increases your capacity exponentially.  As you grow exponentially, so does your money.   Right now, you can invest in the How to Become A Sexual Alchemist ​​ ​​​program and save 35% off the registration price.  I am running this promo all November long to support you in #NoNutNovember Click the link below to learn more about the program and use the coupon code NONUT2020 to start training today.​​ ​​Your life is short, you are lucky if you get a hundred years on this planet.  Stop F*cking around and learn to master your body and mind.  The ROI will be HUGE!!  ​​

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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