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THE Journey to Full Body Bliss - The SECRET to non-ejaculatory orgasms

The main energy channel that runs through your body is the micro-cosmic orbit, which correlates with the yoga chakra system.

As a sexual alchemist you learn to channel your #sexualenergy up through your micro-cosmic orbit which eliminates your desire for ejaculation. (This elimination will take time depending on your current and past sexual habits).

The practice changes the flow of your #sexenergy and therefor the relationship you have with #sex.

For me, it freed me from guilt, shame or negative feelings I had stored in my unconscious about sex and made me see the beauty and power when used consciously. It gave me the power to move away from negative #sexualhabits and bring control to my sex drive.

What's amazing about this style of #semenretention and #nofap, is that you still experience mass amounts of pleasure, but it is different.

The pleasure you will experience will be all over your body as opposed to a short lived genital ejaculatory orgasm in which you feel depleted afterwards.

Your sex energy strengthens your aura and it is your aura that makes you attractive at the unconscious level to the world around you.

Yes, this aura can be used to amplify your sex life and get you laid more. It can also be used to attract lifestyle, great relationships and experiences.

The yogis and transcendentalist use this energy to reach the highest levels of spiritual advancement.

However you choose to use it, the micro-cosmic orbit must be open to experience sex energy in a deeper and more blissful way.

On October 10th, I will be doing a Sexual Alchemy 90 Minute Intensive Training for FREE. In this training, I will show you a technique you can use to start to feel energy moving through your orbit and open it up.

Click the link below to register

(there will be a recording if you cannot make it live)

If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to reach out at any time.



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