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The movement of Sexual Energy

When you have sex with someone, not only are you connecting on a physical level, but also on an energetic level. As the physical bodies become one, so do the energetic bodies.

For most couples this is done unconsciously and therefor remains completely aloof from the bedroom experience. It’s too bad, because once both partners are aware of their energetic bodies; they can both play with this energy creating fun, excitement, deeper intimacy and connection.

By using your awareness you can circulate this energy up your micro-cosmic orbit and down your partners. This circulates the orgasmic energy of both the male and female through each other’s bodies. This creates intense pleasure, connection and depth in your relationship. When both partners are connected deeply in intercourse a meditative state can be created.

What is interesting about this state is that you become fulfilled without the need to ejaculate. The pleasure moves from a merely a physical act to an energetic act. It’s hard to describe as it is state where your mind dissolves and pure presence emerges.

This state stays with you long after your physical act of sex is complete. What is interesting is, this type of sex is so fulfilling to the heart that hankering for physical sex subdues. The attachment to the giving spirit of the heart becomes a pleasure far more enjoyable and eternal.

There is no limits to amount of pleasure and service your heart can give and receive. This spirit of service begins to flood outwards into all aspects of your life, taking you into new directions and expanding your energies.

When your heart opens, then life will open its doors of mystery to you.

When you become a Sexual Alchemist, you are learning to transform your sex energy into a fuel for accelerated evolution and growth.

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