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What is Ojas?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Ojas is a mystery to 99% of the population, but for those who understand what is Ojas and how to cultivate it, the world will open its doors to you.

Ojas is not something that can be seen with the physical eyes but can be easily felt if you happen to come into contact with someone who has stored it within their body.

They are powerful and have the power to attract people towards them. It is compared to butter which has been refined from milk.

All human energies that are working in the physical system can be refined into Ojas which supercharges a man or women.

Think about water which is heated and refined into gas. This gas cannot be seen with the physical eyes, but if harnessed can be used to heat a home or fuel movement. It is pure energy.

Ojas is not something for the select few, it is only a matter of transformation which can be accomplished by anyone who wishes to become powerful. Power does not mean, power over others. Power means, the ability to create freely in this world and become who you were designed to become, by natures will.

Every species uses Ojas to blossom. The human being, especially a man, can use it consciously to create their own Kingdom.

The highest driving force on the material plane is sex.

When a person controls their sex desire by practicing semen retention, or for a women, cultivating her sexual energy and withholding orgasm, he or she can easily turn their sex drive into Ojas.

As your sex desire, especially orgasm is controlled, your body will send this sex energy upwards through the body which then gets stored in the brain.

The more Ojas that is stored in your brain, the more powerful you will become.

Your intellect increases, memory sharpens, intuition opens and the more spiritually strong you are, being able to create freely in this world and conquering the basic fears.

This ojas will give you brighter skin, repair any cell damage, increase self-esteem and self-image and you will have the power of attraction and seduction.

Ojas is what separates one person from another. One who cultivates Ojas will become a leader of men and his words will regenerate others.

If you want to transform your life, then you must cultivate Ojas, and for us men, that means semen retention.




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