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Teaching People How To Be Happy Through Yogic Principles

Nakula Das is on a mission to spread happiness to the world through teaching yoga lifestyle and philosophy. His ability to inspire, motivate, and compel others to better themselves, take action, and develop inclusive consciousness has translated into tangible results for his student and clients.


As one of the most captivating personalities to hit the stage, Nakula’s dynamic energy can be felt throughout the entire room, inspiring countless “ah ha” moments and breakthroughs for the audience.  His stories of growing up in a typical western home while attempting to apply ancient yogic techniques to his lifestyle is inspiring, funny and filled with golden lessons that are universally accepted and applicable to everyday life and work.

Emily Harrison, Founder and Director of the Akashic Academy

“I went from 1 student to 13 students in less than 30 days of working with Nakula Das.”

Nicole Jansen, Buisness Coach, Entrepreneur, CEO of Discover the Edge

 “Born to lead and transform lives, Nakula is destined to make an empowering difference in this world.  In his lifetime and beyond.”

Josh Hayward, The Messenger Mentor

"I was blown away by Nick's presence on the stage. He had such power and presence and commands the attention of the room. He has an amazing ability to capture people's attention, keep everyone engaged, and captivates the audience with his stories and unique training style. Awesome!"