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Vasilis Theodoroglou

Before working with Nakula, I couldn't control my sexuality, and it had the best of me. I knew there had to be another way. The course has been a success for me in many ways, as now I am armed with numerous techniques and able to ground and transmute my sexual energy effectively. My productivity and general clarity have skyrocketed. I'd definitely recommend working with Nakula, it's totally worth it.

Abimael Rebles

I entered training with Nakula because I needed techniques that would give me focus and increase my energy levels. During my first 45 days with Nakula training I have been able to gain incredible energy levels, greater focus on my goals, and have been able to experience multi-orgasm without ejaculation, which is great for me.

Sylar Sun

Out of many nofap advocates out there, in my opinion, Nakula knows what he's doing, not just purely suppressing the urge to ejaculate with sheer will, commitment to not ejaculate is important on top of that he has a system to relax the tension and circulate the unreleased energy, which is much more healthier and makes nofap journey more fun.

Rongxin Zhu

Nakula possesses such an inspiring personality that I consistently feel uplifted after our online interactions. Previously, I struggled with disorganization throughout my day, hindering my ability to achieve study goals. Nakula offers profound insights, emphasizing the importance of action without attachment to outcomes. He encourages me to visualize my goals and navigate uncertainty with mindfulness, remaining open to opportunities that align with my objectives. Additionally, he recommends morning meditation and daily planning to enhance productivity and inner peace. Following his guidance, I extended the duration of my meditation sessions and adopted Google Calendar for daily scheduling. After several weeks, I have noticed a significant improvement in my efficiency. I am deeply grateful for Nakula’s mentorship and eagerly anticipate our future discussions. - Rongxin Zhu 

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