Nakula uses his endless supply of energy to help spread the mission of God beyond the stage. He and his wife Sarah Co-founded the Saint John Krishna Centre where Nakula leads classes on Bhakti-Yoga, retreats and community events.

Also, with his partner Johnathan White, Nakula Co-Founded the Spiritual Bad Boys training community that teaches men the ancient art and science of semen retention and sex transmutation.

“As a man, when you learn to control the flow of your semen, you will become super-human within a short period of time.” - Nakula Das

As one of the most captivating and passionate preachers, Nakula’s dynamic energy can be felt throughout the entire room, inspiring both tears and laughter. His style is like no other as he fuses ancient stories from different traditions into spiritual lessons for today’s modern person.

“Funny, Bold & PASSIONATE”


There is no subject he will not address. All of his talks are custom made for your audience, but the overall message is always the same, God loves you, its time to love him back.

“God is for everyone and is the eternal father of all. This truth is there despite ones religious affiliation, sexual orientation, political viewpoints, criminal or saintly natures, birth country or financial status. These things are all temporary situations, you should seek to find your permanent situation”.

-Nakula Das

Nakula’s energy inspires everyone he meets to re-discover their eternal relationship with God. His talks challenge the audience to go deeper within themselves as he skillfully takes the audience deep within their hearts where God can be experienced. His talks not only inspire and challenge, they transform those who wish to know God and discover their true identity as soul.

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