As one of the most captivating and passionate trainers and speakers on the subject of sex, Nakula’s dynamic energy can be felt throughout the entire audience, inspiring both tears and laughter. He fuses stories on sex, spirituality and modern problems into profound lessons on faith and freedom.

As a speaker and trainer, his message will be tailored to your audience though the overall message will always the same ; sex is life and sex energy is the creative force within you. Let go of shame, guilt and repression so you can work with your sexual energy in a conscious way. 


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Want better sex? Want a Connected and Fun Relationship? Want More Energy to Pursue your Dreams? If this is what you and your audience want... Nakula is your man.

Nakula’s energy inspires everyone he meets to let go of personal limitations and fear. His talks and workshops guide and challenge audiences to go within themselves and reconnects with their heart and sexual energy. Not only do his talks inspire and challenge, they also transform those who hear his words.

Nakula uses his endless supply of energy to help spread the knowledge of Sexual Alchemy all over the world. Using social media, workshops, seminars, retreats and speaking engagements, Nakula is clearly an unstoppable force.

Nakula Founded the 6-Week Training program for men, Become A Sexual Alchemist and Co-Founded the Spiritual Bad Boys training community that teaches men the ancient art and science of semen retention and sex transmutation.

“Funny, Bold & PASSIONATE”


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“Sex is part of your everyday life whether you are conscious of it or not. I am not here to pass judgement on you or tell you how to live your life, I am here to help you master this energy so you can use it to become a powerhouse in all aspects of your life. 

Nakula Das