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So, who is this “Nakula Das” dude anyway?

Nakula is one of the most passionate and fascinating coaches in the personal
development niche and responsible for the success of more than 2000 men, in less than 2 years!

His unique tone of voice in combination with his crazy yet confident energy is what every man needs to face his personal limitations and defeat his fears once and for all.

In fact, during his run for office in the 2021 Canadian Federal Election, his impact on men was so successful that it landed him on major news outlets worldwide.

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Well, there is no mistake that he acts as the catalyst for men to embrace their inner self, cultivate their spirit, and completely transform their way of thinking regarding their careers and body.

But there is one thing that truly distinguishes him from the rest.

While reading the book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, Nakula immediately recognized the significance of sexual energy in a man's life and since then, made it his purpose to help men change their mindset and reach their maximum potential by teaching them the art of Sexual Transmutation, the process of using this energy to achieve the focus and discipline of a monk.

But what makes Nakula different from other “Self-development” coaches?

With his mission being to finish Napoleon Hill’s work Nakula established his “Training Grounds”, where through his extensive and detailed courses as well as his daily valuable content reveals the untold secrets that are bound to equip the modern man with the virtues of leadership and masculinity while also taming their inner sexual temptation.

As I mentioned earlier his determination to achieve this goal had led to thousands of men like you  exceeding mentally, physically, and spiritually. So, if you are ready to try your absolute hardest to claim your desires, you can be the next!

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Vasilis Theodoroglou

Before working with Nakula, I couldn't control my sexuality, and it had the best of me. I knew there had to be another way. The course has been a success for me in many ways, as now I am armed with numerous techniques and able to ground and transmute my sexual energy effectively. My productivity and general clarity have skyrocketed. I'd definitely recommend working with Nakula, it's totally worth it.

Abimael Rebles

I entered training with Nakula because I needed techniques that would give me focus and increase my energy levels. During my first 45 days with Nakula training I have been able to gain incredible energy levels, greater focus on my goals, and have been able to experience multi-orgasm without ejaculation, which is great for me.

Sylar Sun

Out of many nofap advocates out there, in my opinion, Nakula knows what he's doing, not just purely suppressing the urge to ejaculate with sheer will, commitment to not ejaculate is important on top of that he has a system to relax the tension and circulate the unreleased energy, which is much more healthier and makes nofap journey more fun.


Blackened Paper

“Sex is part of your everyday life whether you are conscious of it or not. I am not here to pass judgement on you or tell you how to live your life, I am here to help you master this energy so you can use it to become a powerhouse in all aspects of your life. 

Nakula Das

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