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5 Habits for Higher Testosterone Levels

As men we all know having higher #testosterone levels is going to make us more masculine, both in your physical appearance and in your psychology. Unfortunately, when we look around we see weak, lazy, feminine #men everywhere. Sayings like, “she wear the pants in the relationship” are far too common. It’s amazing how radical feminism is now breeding feminine men, words like #toxicmasculinity haunt the minds of men all over the world when they want to approach a women or show their attraction. #Sex is pushed into the face of every man through #porn and the entertainment industry, yet real attraction and experiences are declining as men no longer carry the sexual masculine charge from high testosterone levels. Women are simply not turned on by the weak modern man, and can we blame them? I have put together this list for you so you can take action right away to increase your testosterone levels and feel empowered in your #masculine energy. 1. Track water intake Daily 75% of American suffers from chronic dehydration – when you are dehydrated it spikes your cortisol levels and effects your growth hormones. While we all know to stay hydrated, many of us fail to drink enough water each day. Here is what you can do right away – drink water before every meal, after every washroom break and of course, during physical activity. 2. Get in the Sun Vitamin D is absorbed into the body when it is exposed to the sun. Vitamin D plays a significant role in over 1000 bodily functions including testosterone production. Studies show that men who have a higher levels of Vitamin D have higher levels of testosterone. What’s interesting about getting in the sun is that it regulates your hormone secretion. Meaning, your body will re-balance itself and come into alignment with the rise and fall of the sun. You will have energy in the mornings and throughout the day and will feel tired as the day becomes night. 3. Become Mindful We all have stresses in our life. Whether it’s your relationship or lack of, your health or finances. As modern men, we have many stresses that our forefathers never had. Stress spikes your cortisol levels and as already explained stifles your testosterone growth. Taking to a meditation practice like the ones I teach inside of the Semen Retention Army training & Accountability program will make you extremely mindful of your energies and thoughts allowing you to live in a stress Free State, no matter what is going on. 4. Get competitive Unleash your inner beast. It is well documented that men who compete with other men in some arena will stimulate more testosterone growth. Healthy competition like organized sports will get you out from the TV, into the sun, drinking more water and reducing stress through exercise. 5. Semen Retention This is the secret of heavyweight Boxing champions, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and David Haye, just to name a few. Olympic athletes, business and political leaders and spiritualist have all known the power of #semenretention and sex transmutation. Famous Author #NapoleonHill in his book Think & Grow Rich shares the secrets of this practice. Modern science has shown that within 7-10 days of holding your semen your testosterone will boost up to 150% literally launching your masculinity and sexual attraction levels through the roof! If you want to be able to practice semen retention but you have a sexually active life or want to, you can learn Sexual Alchemy techniques to control your ejaculation, experience non-ejaculatory orgasms and keep all that vibrant, rich, powerful and creative energy within you to become a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom. Go to the link below and register for Sex Mastery 101 to learn more about the benefits and techniques of semen retention through sexual alchemy.

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