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Revealed! The SECRET way of achieving self-discipline.

In my previous email, I stressed the importance of rejecting motivation and instead cultivating

your discipline which, unlike the former, is permanent.

So if being motivated made you feel unstoppable, imagine how big of an impact discipline would

have on your journey to success.

And because I genuinely want you to become a masculine leader in total control of your actions, I will share with you the technique I used to acquire this skill.

If you have been following me for a while, then you would already know a part of my secret.

I’m talking about sexual transmutation, the alchemical practice of channeling your sexual

energy, the most powerful energy in existence, and directing it to a greater purpose.

And in our case a “Deep Work session”. Let me make it simple for you.

First of all, set a timer for 15 minutes and place your mobile devices and any other possible

temptations of yours in a place where you can’t see them. Then for those 15 minutes focus only

on your specific task.

Nothing else!

No distractions!

If you make it passed the timer, congratulations! You are already better than 96% of men. If not,

try again and remember, failure is a part of the journey.

But in order to improve do not limit yourself to 15 minutes.

Every time you successfully complete a “Deep Work Session”, add another 15 minutes to the

next one.

Start doing this now, and begin the next year with a powerful skill, only true leaders can master.

Keep improving yourself!



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