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How Semen Retention will transform your life

Once you get past a certain point in your #semenretention and #nofap journey major shifts will happen within you. For me, this happened when I started retaining for 90 days at a time. Each man is different, for some men this may happen earlier, for others it may take years depending where you are starting from. Here is what happened to me... I began to see the world and everything in it through a different lens. 1. I noticed I stopped coveting everything I saw which also stopped the underlining feeling of insecurity and lack. 2. As these feeling of insecurity and lack disappeared I became very clear on what my next steps are in my life. It was crazy, like some kind of veil had been lifted that I didn't even know I was wearing. 3. As this veil lifted I made a 10 year definite goal, drew strong boundaries around my mind, schedule and lifestyle and started cultivating new habits that aligned with that goal. That was about 1 year ago. 4. In this last year, I launched the Become A Sexual Alchemist Training Program, created the Semen Retention Army, Became a Candidate for a Canadian Political Party in which I am running in the next federal election and have taken forward movement in renovating my 3 unit apartment building. I have never been as focused or productive in my life and I have never had the feeling of personal power like I do right now. I have challenges in my life just like you, and everyone is on this planet. The question is not whether challenge will be part of your life, the question will be how you respond to it. Do you hide out avoiding your problems wishing one day they will disappear, or you do you stand up and take responsibility like a man and crush your challenges. It all started for me when I started getting training in SexualAlchemy Practices. This weekend I am doing my Free Signature Webinar Workshop called, Sex Mastery 101. If you want to master your semen retention practice and get all the benefits, register now!

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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