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How to beat the supreme temptation

This world is FULL of temptation, just walk through any Walmart checkout line and you can witness it all.

Chocolate bars, gossip, alcohol and all kinds of varieties of snacks are meant to seduce your senses and get you to tap your card. Let's be real, all of them are poison disguised in a pleasurable package.

We are a poisoned population and it seems like their is no slowing down in the ways we are trying to kill ourselves.

In the new digital era, social media has brought to light both the beauty and the beast within the human consciousness, and with it, the most desirable temptation of all is being used against us.

For your body, sex is the highest pleasure because it is your most basic function next to eating and sleeping. The porn companies, just like the food and drug companies, have figured out that if they can tempt and control your most basic survival instincts, they can keep you consuming their poison for profits.

If sex is the supreme pleasure for the body, an intelligent human being would ask, what is the supreme pleasure for the soul?

If you want to beat the supreme temptation, then turn your awareness to the supreme pleasure of the soul.

What is the supreme pleasure of the soul?

It is service to the whole.

Service means, contribution, or living for something higher than yourself. Look at all the great people in history and you will see one thing in common, they all lived for what they believed to be a higher purpose than their own bodily pleasures.

Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill are both men admired and hated by many. They themselves were opposed in philosophical battle, but they both shared this same quality.

What is this quality?

They lived for what they believed in!

When you decide that your life will no longer be about serving your own bodily pleasures, then a new type of power emerges from within you.

A new type of strength, faith and conviction becomes so strong within you, it will become palatable to others. They will say things like, "there is something about his energy"

Do not be concerned with sharing this secret with everyone, for everyone is not ready to accept this noble truth. But for those who are intelligent enough to see through inner vision, they will inquire into what has made you so strong.

The practice of #SemenRetention and #NoFap is the ultimate weapon against this world of temptation. It is simple and practical, because any man who can consciously focus his most basic motivator which is sex desire, will eventually become a leader.


His control and focus on service will place him above the world of temptation and his mind will become free from the controlling powers of this materialistic society and it's "so-called leaders."

When you use porn, it will anchor your mind into your bodies animal desires. There is nothing wrong with your bodies desires, but when those desires steal your ability to be self-controlled and maintain focus on a higher purpose, then your desire becomes your weakness.

That is what the porn companies and many of the institutions of today want. They want you to be weak, so you will only have the energy and motivation to consume their products. This makes them rich while it makes you an unfulfilled being.

I am just a man, I am attracted to sex like everyone else, but I have realized that this will never fulfill my soul.

A night of pleasure is amazing, and through practice and knowledge you can learn to become a master in the bedroom, feeling all the pleasures that sex has to offer. But eventually the night will be over and you will be left with that empty feeling that you carry within you unless you learn to give pleasure to your soul as well.

What is interesting is that when you give yourself to a higher cause, you will realize that what you really desire is connection and meaning in your life. No amount of money, sex, porn, alcohol or drugs will ever fulfill you.

Once you have connection and meaning in your life, what is the need for all this poison packaged as pleasure?

What is the need to work tirelessly for a job or cooperation who cares nothing for you while you spend zero time with your family, friends and community?

Do you want to kill the ultimate temptation of porn?

then take to the ultimate pleasure of the soul, which is service to the whole. I call the whole God, you may call it something else.

Whatever you call it, know that the best way to kill the ultimate temptation is to give yourself to the ultimate truth!

If you need help quitting porn, then register for my upcoming webinar, how to quit porn on December 4th 2021.


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