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How to transform into a man of unstoppable action (even if you have been lazy all your life)

If you want results, you will need to take action. Thoughts manifest through the medium of action, and action my friend, is what will transform your results.

So how do you become a man of unstoppable action?

First understand why you are not a man of action and why procrastination is stealing your wealth, health, #sex life and #spiritual power.

In a world where men have become addicted to ejaculation, porn, drugs and alcohol, video games, and processed foods, it's no wonder men have developed laziness as a way of life.

Sorry to say fellas, we have become fat and weak, in both body and mind. The modern lifestyle mixed with poor sexual education and a break down of family values has left men living in a constant state of energetic depletion.

When you are ejaculating everyday, your body is constantly working extra hard to produce more semen and prolactin is released into the bloodstream slowing your #testosterone growth. You aren't giving your body time to reabsorb that #semen and turn it into super fuel.

As you practice #semenretention and #nofap, your body will very quickly cultivate an excess of energy.

This means you will have a higher sex drive. Sex desire is the root desire for money, power, social status and ability to attract sexual partners. If these desires are within you, you will now have the fuel and personal power to get them.

If you add/have a spiritual practice to transmute this energy, this will manifest as a desire of selfless service to others, spiritual realization, fulfilling relationships, natural living and God Consciousness.

In a few days, #NoNutNovember will begin. Make a commitment to go the whole month without busting a nut (ejaculating) or masturbating.

If this is your very first 30 day stretch, be ready to become an unstoppable man of action.


If you haven't done 30 days for a long time (or ever), you will need help. I have prepared 30 emails and 30 videos to support you through the entire month.

Be sure you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel and other social media platforms and turn notifications on. You will not want to miss the techniques, motivation and education I will be sharing.

I will be revealing many of the Sexual Alchemist Techniques I teach my students. I have left all my social links below! Connect with me on which ever platforms you use so you have a constant reminder of the power within you..

let's do this together.

I promise if you follow me and my instructions for the month, your life will never be the same again.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.


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