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Is FEAR holding you back from Growth?

Fear is the enemy of all progress. Why is fear the enemy of progress? When you are in fear, your brain shuts down it's creative centers and only operates based upon survival. There is ZERO progress when you are simply trying to survive. Who operates in survival mode? Animals operate in survival mode. They only think of the four basic activities of the body. Eating, Sleeping, having sex and defending themselves. These four activities also take place in the human life, however, you have been given the capacity for much more. To only engage in these activities is a waste of human life. You have been given creative powers through complex language, a highly developed sexual nature (which needs to be utilized properly) and the curiosity to ask philosophical questions such as, Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Here is the point, if you continue to allow fear to run your decisions, you will continue to be disappointed by the results you have. How to overcome fear? There is only 1 true way to overcome any fear you have, it is to face it head on. What allows some men to face their fears head on, and other men to crumble under fear, is the degree in which they have mastered their body/mind vehicle. There are many schools of thought on the best way to develop yourself as a fully mastered man. Side note: self-mastery is the hardest work on the planet, it is why very few make the attempt do to it. I have tried so many methods of self-mastery and while they all have been beneficial, nothing has been more powerful than the practice of semen retention. Semen retention, just in the last 2 years, has built my willpower and strength to new levels. Because of this inner strength, I have run for political office, launched a private membership community for self-sufficient living and launched the Semen Retention Army to support men in sexual mastery. I also have made more money in the last 6 months than ever before, and my various income streams continue to grow as I feel more powerful and on purpose. Why am I sharing this? Because I want you to have the opportunity to wake up to your own personal power! To be honest, I should be way further than I am. It took me years of working on myself to finally get to the point where I could face some of my basic fears, such as the fear of being criticized. During the campaign in 2021, I was blasted by the media all around the world for my practice of sexual control, had people wanting me thrown in jail for arguing with the Education Minister, and I get sent hate messages constantly for my thoughts around sex, politics and God. This fear has held me back in life for way too long. I would always play Mr. Nice Guy, I purposely stayed non-controversial, never talked about sex, politics or God, and was too afraid to state my true opinions. As you practice semen retention (the ultimate form of self-control for a man), your inner strength grows and you will be able to catch your fear based thoughts before they stop you from taking action. As you take action towards your fears, your fears begin to disappear. All that is in front of you is the path to your purpose and destiny. As that path unfolds, you will grow in faith and trust that God has your back. He provides abundantly for the advancing man and the only thing that can stop you is fear. Conquer fear and you will feel a sense of personal power like never before. Power to create, Power to influence, Power to lead. The root of this personal power is in self-mastery, and I have never experienced anything more powerful that #semenretention and the power of sex transmutation. If you are ready to become a serious student of the semen retention lifestyle. Go to my schedule and book a 30 minute free consultation. Let's chat about where you are at, what you want to achieve, and different ways I can support you. Nakula Das Your Semen Retention Army General


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