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Is your Sexual Habits putting your Career,Family or Reputation at Risk?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Let's just cut the bullsh*t! What are you risking because your penis is controlling your actions? Do these names ring a bell? Tiger Woods... Bill Clinton... Arnold Schwarzenegger...?? My wife showed me a video on Tik Tok the other day of a kid who was filming his Mom flipping out at his Dad because she caught him cheating. While most people saw her outward show of anger, I could feel her deep pain. That pain is now permanent and will leave everyone in the family scarred with tremendous amounts of emotional trauma.

  • What kind of example did this father set for his kids?

  • How long will it take before Mom is able to trust him again (if ever, as that may be the end of the marriage) or feel safe?

  • How long will the father live with regret and guilt?

  • What are the financial, familial and career ramifications of this behavior?

  • Was it really worth it?

The saddest part is that this could have been avoided if the man had a few techniques and was courageous enough to deal with his dis-satisfaction in his relationship both in and outside the bedroom. Men cheat for many reasons, but at a basic level, you cheat because of primal desire mixed with emotional disconnection.

The tendency is to blame the other person or justify your actions with thoughts like:

  • "Well only if she satisfied me more"

  • "She has really let herself go physically and I find it hard to be attracted to her."

  • "She never has time for me as her own issues or the kids take up all her energy."

  • "She is all over the place in her emotions and desires that I don't feel any satisfaction physically, mentally or emotionally in the relationship."

  • "She doesn't know how to turn me on the way these other women do."

Any of these sound familiar?

This is not a new problem, couples have been going through this from time immemorial.

However, what is new is the rise of the digital age. There are now websites and apps that are designed to feed this desire.

Porn, Webcam models and services are available to help men cheat and not get caught (even though many of them do). Here is something you should know, you cannot hide your energy.

Let me say it again... YOU CANNOT HIDE YOUR ENERGY!

Every time you take "secret action" you are weakening your energy field, which is killing your chances of reviving sexual passion in your relationship and is literally killing your aura and attraction power.

You cannot hide who you are at an unconscious level and you are always communicating through your energy. Your words may be saying one thing, but your energy says another.

Whether you are physically cheating or using porn as a way to satisfy your sexual desires, you are creating a disconnection between you and your partner (or future partner for my single brothers)

You are also creating a disconnection between you and your sex energy. Your mind is a slippery son of a bitch. It tricks you to thinking your sexual desire can be separated to the rest of your life, but this not the case. Your energy goes with you everywhere you go.

The more you have a secret life the more damage you bring to your relationship with yourself and others. While you may be able to put on a show outwardly, it is having a HUGE impact on your overall well-being, mental capabilities and relationships.

What can be done about this?

First, accept 100% responsibility for your actions and stop blaming your partner. I am not saying that your points are not valid, but I am saying that you need to stop making excuses for your actions and get real with yourself.

Only when you get real with yourself will you be able to get real with your partner.

I have helped many men curb this need to cheat, watch porn or masturbate by redirecting that sexual energy back into their relationship.

The results are incredible.

My clients learn to skyrocket the sexual tension between themselves and their partners which means more REAL sex, BETTER SEX and more sexual experiences and dynamics in the bedroom which are FAR MORE SATISFYING.

Clients are loving their relationships outside the bedroom as well because they are feeling a deeper sense of connection, fun and vulnerability.

Flirty sexual tension is now part of their day to day experience which keeps them excited and looking forward to going home after work.

They also see their partners self-confidence blossoming, taking more risk and letting their co-dependency go.

As a man you are extremely powerful and it is your duty to help your partner grow.

This won't happen overnight, but I guarantee that within 90 days you can turn your sexless, passionless and boring relationship into one of fun, sexual passion and intimacy if you are willing to do the work?

You may ask, what do you mean by "doing the work?"

Doing the work means taking on both physical sexual alchemy practices along with mental techniques and tantra practices to repair your own well-being when it comes to sex.

It means being able to cultivate a high sexual charge and control through semen retention, while learning to be a masterful partner both in and outside the bedroom.

If you want to learn more about working with me 1 on 1, then book a free consultation with me.

Take a look at the link below to learn more about my 1:1 Coaching program and book some time.

All my sessions are 100% Confidential as I work with many men in powerful positions who need to curb this habit quick without anyone knowing. I get paid extremely well to keep my mouth shut and get you results.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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