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Signs you are not committed to being a MAN

This will feel like a SLAP in the FACE for some of you! but it is exactly what you need sometimes... at least I know I do hahaha It is time to do a serious check in and take a look in the mirror. Who are you being in this life? Here are 5 Signs you are not committed to being a MAN: 1) Procrastination - this habit must be eliminated immediately. There is nothing that will kill your dreams faster than procrastination. 2) Settling For Status Quo - men, especially High T men who practice #semenretention, will always be expanding and growing, that is the nature of a man's energy. 3) You Seek the Approval of Others - little boys need approval from Mommy & Daddy or their social circles. 4) You seek pleasure over growth - when the seeking of pleasure over takes the challenge of growth you fall into your feminine energy. 5) You lack Self-Control & Discipline - this is biggest factor you can use to tell how much you are developing as a man. Men Master Themselves To master yourself as a man you must master your #sex energy. If your #sexual energy isn't propelling you to greatness, but rather keeping you stuck in a loop of anxiety, depression, fear and bad habits, it's time to be truthful and step up. If you want to have a life full of vibrant, radiant and attractive energy which you will use to fuel your sex life, your relationships, your physique and spiritual growth, register for my upcoming webinar, Sex Master 101. If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time. Nakula


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