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Spiritual Technologies that help with Semen Retention

Soldiers, Technology is giving us the opportunity to create the largest global movement of men who are spiritually advancing through the practice of semen retention. Technology has allowed society to flourish in new and exciting ways. The worlds information is now accessible on command because of the advancement of material technology. In the spirit of advancement, wouldn't it make sense that we learn to utilize the most advanced piece of technology on this planet? I am sure we would agree that makes the most sense, right? What is the most advanced piece of technology? It is your body! There is no more advanced piece of technology than your human body. As your energy becomes vibrant by the practice of semen retention and sexual alchemy you will train yourself to use that energy efficiently towards higher expressions. There are many spiritual technologies in the world meant to enhance your life. I have tried many, but non have been more powerful than a regulated ejaculatory life and sexual alchemy practice. To learn how semen retention and sexual alchemy will up-level your life, register for this Saturday's Free Webinar; Sex mastery 101 May God Be With You, Nakula Das


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