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The BIGGEST Obstacle to Semen Retention & NoFap

The BIGGEST obstacle to #semenretention and #nofap is your increased sex drive.

As you retain your semen you will notice a boost in sex drive as your testosterone gets stimulated and your body pushes you towards more masculinity qualities. With higher levels of testosterone you will have higher levels sex drive, which in itself is not a problem, however...

Most men have unconsciously trained themselves to release any sexual tension they feel as soon as they desire sex. It becomes overwhelming and old patterns flood in. This increased sex desire can lead you to watch porn, masturbate and relapse on your ejaculation commitments.

The SECRET to being able to retain for long periods of time is to retrain the flow of your sexual energy. Energy, like water, will take the path of least resistance. For normal guys, the path of least resistance is outwards. For the Sexual Alchemist the path of least resistance is upwards through his main energetic channel know as the microcosmic orbit. This takes training and practice to achieve, but can easily be done within 6 weeks or less.

This orbit runs from the Perineum to the crown of the head. Then from the crown down around the front of the body back to the Perineum. (see diagram below)

As you master the techniques of a sexual alchemist you learn to redirect the pulsation of your orgasm upwards throughout the body giving you full body orgasms which can be experienced multiple times in one sexual session without any loss of semen.

This relieves your need to ejaculate and releases sexual tension and frustration so you can retain for longer periods of time without living a monks life. In this lifestyle you experience all the physical, emotional and mental benefits of semen retention. This translate into ​​higher ambition, clarity of mind, unlimited energy and creative genius.

​​These are the winning ingredients to

More Money

Attracting a healthy relationship and higher standard of woman

Increased libido and sexual tension with women (or opposite energy if you are gay)

​​​​​​​​You will experience more Influence, power and social status

For men who are taking their spiritual life seriously, it will give you the necessary intelligence and self-control to realize deeper spiritual truths. ​​​​​

If you want these benefits, don't go at it alone, shave years and struggle off your journey with my Become A Sexual Alchemist training program. ​​

Right now registration is NOW OPEN until February 7th. I am offering a 50% off discount and different payment plans to make it easier to get enrolled and master these techniques.

I have laid the program out over 6 weeks, however you get life-time access and can work it at your own pace. Plus you get full support from me throughout your entire journey. ​​ Click the link below to learn more and get enrolled.​​


If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time


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