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What bonds commitments to results?

What bonds commitments to results? The answer is ACCOUNTABILITY! Accountability is for men who are serious about achieving results. Think about all the best athletes, businessmen, leaders and change makers, they all have multiple coaches for specific needs. For example, a football player will have a strength coach, nutrition coach, physiotherapist plus their team coaches. Why do you think this is? These high level men have a winners attitude. They are not playing it safe in life, they are holding their feet to the fire and getting it done. This is what made the biggest difference in my semen retention journey... getting a coach who trained me in the lifestyle and held me accountable. If you want results in your semen retention lifestyle, you need to do the same. I have opened an accountability group for 10 men. (first come, first serve) I will work with 10 men inside this WhatsApp group teaching you Sexual Alchemy Techniques, keeping you motivated and tracking your progress each week for accountability. Wen you get started, I will go through a goal setting process with you so we can pick your top 2-3 goals and create key measurements to work with. I will help you do all this and more. Each week I will be checking your numbers and holding your feet to the fire until you accomplish your goals and learn to use your sexual energy as fuel to do it. When you join the group you will Get Access to: an army of men who are all living Semen Retention Lifestyles. Members of the Army at this tier take this lifestyle serious and are willing to invest in themselves. Army members...

  • avoid relapses because they are plugged into daily motivation

  • learn Tips, Techniques and tricks that support their semen retention lifestyle

  • Are connected with a community of SR practitioners from around the world

+ On the first Saturday of each month you will get access to a Live training in Sexual Alchemy (recording will be made available) + Have me as your accountability coach that will keep you in check and focused on your goals. + Extra Training & Content Inside Secret Group for Tier 6 Army members ONLY! (Here is where I share sex transmutation/sex magic and tantra techniques while personally tracking your progress) To join the accountability group go to my patreon page and choose Tier 6 as your option. If you are not ready for that level of accountability, their are other tiers to choose from that can get you started. If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time. Nakula

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