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Your Sex Energy is Under Attack

YOUR MANHOOD IS UNDER ATTACK! This may seem dramatic. There was a time I would have dismissed this statement as superstition or some crazy conspiracy theory. However, my studies have taken me into the military sciences of both ancient and modern times. Sex being used as a military tool is not a new concept. I have learned that the US Military, before sending some of their troops into battle will encourage men to see pictures, or videos, of naked women or pornography to get them into a state of carnal desire. Think about when you are so desirous of sex, nothing will stop you to get it. It's the same desire that gets you to click on that video, reach down your pants and spend the next hour clicking away. On the opposite side of this, when men have no sex drive because it has been depleted, there is nothing that will get them to get off the couch or fight back. Sex will either make you a conqueror or it will conquer you. If you want to destroy a society... deplete their sex energy, kill their values and make them feel lonely and desperate. We are under attack and we must protect ourselves. There is a well known correlation between sex, power, money and violence. Modern technology and the rise of the digital age has empowered every man on the planet like never before. The question is, what will you do with this new empowerment? We have evolved outwardly, but with the killing of family values for a more materialistic way of life we have not evolved much inwardly. How do I know this? The stats show it. Pornography is the most uploaded and viewed content on the internet, and despite efforts to educate the public, it continues to rise. I am getting messages daily from men of all ages who are struggling with porn addiction, masturbation habits and experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. The average man is lasting 5 minutes in the bedroom while the average women needs at least 20 minutes to warm up to a state where orgasm is possible. When a man cannot perform in the bedroom or their manhood is weakened, this has a deep effect on his psychology, both in and outside the bedroom. He becomes weak minded, insecure and petty. The smallest of challenges throws him off and his desire to move his life forwards goes away. This state usually leads to frustrations in his relationships, lethargy sets in and his mental faculties weaken leaving him easily manipulated by the fear mongering media. I am not a purest and telling you that you have to live a life of a monk. That of course is wonderful path, but very few in this age will take to it. Most of us don't want to give up sex, but we no longer want to be controlled by it and we want to grow our bank accounts and our ability to provide. We want to be able to attract a great partner, have energy to pursue our life goals and have healthy, disease free lives. Unless you take to the path of discipline, focus and health, you will be doomed to a life of a slave, working jobs you don't want do and allowing fear and negativity to dictate your every thought. The gifts that nature has given you will never come into fruition and your ability to feel fully alive will be thrown away into your dirty sock or tissue paper. THIS IS A WASTE ON MANY LEVELS! So what can be done? How do you stop wasting your life tricking your mind through internet porn and masturbation? The answer is training. If you want to be an amazing athlete, you train. If you want to earn a degree, you study. If you want to transform your mind, you meditate. And... if you want to master your sex energy both in and outside the bedroom, you practice. In 2021, I am on a mission to Make SEX Great Again by training men all over the world to take their life to the next level through semen retention and nofap lifestyle. It all starts on January 30th with SEX MASTERY 101, a Free Online Training Webinar designed to help you master your sexual energy. Click the link below and get registered... 2021 is going to be a tough year for most men, but it doesn't have to be that way for YOU!

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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