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Your Sexual Urges are not the problem... this is

There is one thing, and only ONE thing that stops you from practicing semen retention and taking your entire life to the next level.

Most men think if they simply try to repress their urges by pure willpower, it will eventually go away, but me and you know it will NOT.

Most men think it's because of watching too much porn they can't retain. I want to make this crystal clear, porn in itself is not a problem, but a symptom of a deeper problem that is manifesting throughout the entire world

If the art of sex transmutation was simply staying away from porn and using your willpower to keep you from clicking to that site, the success rate of men inside the NoFap & SemenRetention movements would be much higher.

It's something bigger than this.

Porn watching is a pretty huge factor for failing at semen retention in all fairness. That is why I help men get rid of porn/sex addiction and let that vice go, however the problem is not watching porn itself, but the lack of living in reality.

Let me explain,

Rewind the hands of time back 20,000 years ago, did men have sexual urges?

Hell yeah!!

Non of us would be here unless they did. The problem is not sexual urges in itself, but how these urges are being expressed in the modern era of fake stimulants.

Most men don't have a porn problem, most men have is a reality problem.

​​If you were born 20,000 years ago sex would be less of an issue for you because you simply wouldn't have as much access to it.

​Your day would consist of hunting, fishing, taking care of the land, protecting your tribe, repairing damages to your shelter and feasting with your community.

Your choices for partners would be limited and your daily responsibilities and workload would naturally keep you evolving, both physically and mentally.

Fast forward to today, ​​​​the age of Instagram Models and PornHub, where you can watch as many hot women as you want fulfilling whatever fantasy you want. The problem is, this is not how reality works

We have created a fake reality which is training you for instant gratification, weakening your drive to get things accomplished and diminishing your abilities both in and outside the bedroom.

My point is this, your ancestors practiced semen retention because they were not distracted like you are in today's modern world. ​​In today's world which is based upon comfort and convenience, the moment you feel any sexual urge rise in you, you have been trained to act on this urge right away.

This is why millions of men each day waste their vital life force and energy on false stimulants.

​​Whether its' porn, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, TV, video games, shopping, gossip or other forms of self pleasure and mental masturbation.

As men, we face the biggest challenge we have ever faced in our written history, it is the challenge of an over pleasured society.

The problem you face is not your sexual urges, it is the amount of fake outlets in which you choose to express it in.

Only the evolving man who desires to know the deeper truths about reality will move beyond the status quo of just surviving and the patterns of self-sabotage.​​​​​​​​​​​​

So what is the real problem you face? it's your lifestyle!

​Your lifestyle is something very personal to you, it's something that's largely programmed into your subconscious, and you're often too 'zoomed in' on the day to day to truly understand where you're going wrong.

I know this because I was the same. That is until I hired a personal coach to help me transform my results both in and outside the bedroom.

Often what you need is someone to help you zoom out, see the big picture, and help you zoom back in to make the appropriate changes to your own lifestyle.​​​​​​

This is why I have decided to open up 5 1:1 coaching slots in my schedule. I want to help men who are serious about taking their health, relationships and sex life to the next level.

Inside this 3 Month ​coaching programmed called, THE POWERHOUSE MAN, you will learn how to master your sexual energy so you can redirect it back into it's natural expression. ​

I'm showing you step-by-step how to stop negative sexual habits, cultivate high levels of energy and use that energy to create your ideal life experience.

T​​he big key here is that it's your LIFESTYLE that needs to change.

Men who want to have new results but don't want to put in the work to making those lifestyle changes are kidding themselves. ​

I'm showing you how to make all the necessary changes to your lifestyle, but in a way that actually sticks!!

97% of people fail in any lifestyle transformation.

You probably will too.

Let me help you.

Sending you tons of love​​

Nakula Das

If you are interested in working with me 1 on 1, go to my schedule and book a 20 minute call for us to connect and see if you are a good fit for the program.​

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