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#1 Exercise for Cultivating Sexual Energy within you

As you cultivate more sexual energy within your body, you are nourishing your glands, organs and brain with vibrant, creative energy.   When you couple a strong semen retention practice with this, your energy becomes amplified, exploding your experiences both in and outside the bedroom.  When this technique is applied properly it directs your energy (which sits latent in your testicles) out your genitals and throughout your body charging you up with rich, powerful and attractive energy, that will be used both in and outside the bedroom. The technique is called testicle breathing, which I teach inside the Become A Sexual Alchemist 6-Week Training program in full-length. I have written some beginning instructions so you can try it out for yourself.  Also, a full video will be released on my You Tube channel so you can follow along within two weeks, be sure to subscribe and get notified when it releases.

Here are a few tips to Testicle Breathing you can use right away:

  • Get comfortable, you can do this standing, sitting or lying down

  • You are going to synchronize your breath with a slight squeezing of your pelvic floor muscle (as you advance in this practice, squeeze the muscle closer to the tailbone)

  • Place the tip of your tongue to the roof of the mouth to close your main energy channel

  • You can massage your testicles for a minute or two to anchor your awareness there and loosen up any tension.

  • Do a body scan and relax your entire body

  • Once your feeling relaxed and your awareness is anchored in your testicles, breath deeply into your testicles, imaging your testicles expanding and being filled with new air.  

  • On a slow exhale, empty the air and imagine your testicles contracting.

  • Essentially your testicles are acting as your lung in this exercise, expanding and contracting.

  • Once you have that synchronized, add a slight squeeze to the pelvic floor either on the inhale or exhale, which ever comes more natural for you.  As you advance, you can play with alternating this squeeze.

  • You may feel at first you are only doing the physical actions and imagining the energy flow, but with time and a settled mind you will feel the subtle energy moving in and out of your testicles creating a new flow.

  • It will create a cool sensation within the testicles.

  • This flow is how you can move your sexual energy upwards through the micro-cosmic orbit for full body orgasms, non-ejaculatory orgasms and how you nourish the rest of your body with sex energy.

Inside the How to Become A Sexual Alchemist program I share the rest of the technique so you can train your energy to flow upwards instead out outwards, allowing you to last as long as you want and being able to transmute that energy to other goals.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.

Your Eternal Servant

Nakula Das


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