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10 Tips to live a Successful Semen Retention Lifestyle

Want to be successful at semen retention and gain all the benefits? then you have to be prepared... Here's ten tips that will make life a lot easier for you (Feel free to keep revisiting this email throughout 2022 - you will likely find it useful) 1. Eliminate the belief that you are denying yourself Too many men see semen retention as a form of self-sacrifice instead of the ultimate gain. Focus on what you are gaining vs what you are giving up and the journey will become enjoyable. 2. Eliminate the idea of "flatline" Because men don't have a solid foundation of how their energy body works, they speak of things like "flatline." There is no such thing, and while that would take a whole another email explaining why, don't allow yourself to buy into such nonsense. 3. Focus on your Big Goals STOP wasting time and focus on your top 3 goals. If you don't have clearly defined goals with action steps to attaining those goals, that is your first step. One of the easiest ways to get over ANY negative habit is to fill your day with positive actions towards specific outcomes. 4. Eliminate or reduce caffeine Caffeine is the most socially accepted addiction in the world. Caffeine is a stimulant that agitates the nervous system. The less you consumer caffeine the less your nervous system will be agitated and the less you will seek instant gratification through masturbation or porn. 5. Don't tell anyone you are doing Semen Retention Not everyone needs to know what you are up too. There is power in silence and quietly improving. When you keep your goals and plans silent, you develop more inner power, strength and enthusiasm. Conquer the need for recognition or acknowledgement, let your results speak louder than your words. Powerful silence is attractive! 6. Quality Rest Never underestimate the power of rest. Good sleep and rest balances the hard work and action you have taken all day allowing the nutrients of your labor to take effect. Without quality rest there is no time for healing and growth. Growth happens when you rest! 7. Physical Activity Be it lifting, yoga, sports or going for hikes, the more you develop an activate lifestyle the better you will feel about yourself. The better you feel about yourself the easier it will be to eliminate the negative habits which cause relapse. 8. Regulate Social Media Social media can be a powerful tool or it can ruin you. Dedicate a certain amount of time each day that you will give yourself on social media if you want/need. Use social media purposefully! Follow people or pages that inspire you, educate you and give you relevant information towards your goals. Anything other than that is a waste of your time and energy. 9. Get Educated The more you know about the way semen retention works and its short term, as well as long term benefits, the better thought processes you will have on the subject. The more educated you are the more your mind will help you stay away from porn and other depleting activities. 10. NEVER GIVE UP! The way to success is never a straight and smooth path. In this lifestyle you will have temptation following you at every step. No matter how many times you relapse, you must continue to fight for own life! If you are ready to take your semen retention journey serious, then start by registering for this weekend's free webinar training, Sex Mastery 101. Inside this webinar you learn techniques to transmuting your sex energy, proven methods for eliminating porn and so much more. Don't deplete your greatness, keep retaining! Nakula Das


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