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2 Ways to AMP up your Pleasure

You have two tools available that will amp up the pleasure and connection you are having with your partner.  Sound & Breath.  First, let's speak of sound.  ​​ Try making deep, guttural moaning and sighs that rumble your belly during arousal.  The pressure of arousal is looking to move somewhere, for most men that pressure relieves itself through an ejaculatory orgasm which leaves you feeling depleted, fatigued and unmotivated.  There goes your rich, powerful and vibrant energy.  Unless you are desiring kids, there is no need to let this energy go.  When making deep guttural sounds during sexual activity you can move your awareness into your belly which releases the tension you are building up in your genitals.  ​​  Add deep breathing to this and it will relax you, allowing you to control your arousal and therefor ejaculation. ​​ By learning to do deep abominable breathing you create more room in your body to hold more orgasmic energy without the need for release.  Notice when you become aroused you tend to breath more shallow ​, tense your body and then ejaculate.  By learning to stay relaxed using breath and sound, you can last longer and experience higher degrees of subtle pleasure.   As you and your partner fall deeper into each other and the experience, so does the need to climax as the connection and pleasure being felt is so intense and pleasurable.   When you learn to relax enough, this energy will then explode inward creating a non-ejaculatory orgasm which nourishes you as oppose to depleting you.  This satisfies your sex desire and you can last as long as you want to satisfy your partner. When it's all over, you will be full of energy and motivation as you will have retained your semen. You will stand strong in your masculine energy keeping the attraction and connection you created with your partner long after the physical experience is over. ​​​​​All that vibrant, powerful and rich energy is now vibrating through your body and can be poured into your creative and growth pursuits.  You feel good and your qualities are amplified allowing you to bring the best version of yourself to all aspects of your life.   If you want to learn how to do this and so much more, join me on my next FREE 90 Minute Sexual Alchemy Training event. Click here to register - next free event is happening on Oct 10th - Limited Spots available ​​​​

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.

Your Eternal Servant

Nakula Das


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