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5 Quick & Simple Steps to Mastering Semen Retention

Let's get right into it... Step 1: Admit your sex energy is controlling you. It's hard to admit when we are not in control and that we have a vice. But the only way to move beyond your vice is to admit it is there. (The TRUTH will set you FREE) Step 2: Get a Support System. If you have a buddy, family member or someone you know who you can relate to and talk things out, this will help you move towards a sexually healthy lifestyle. For many guys, this may not be available as many don't wish to understand this path. I want you to know you have me... write me anytime and let me know how things are. Because I help lots of people it takes me a few days sometimes to reply, but I will reply and know that I am your friend in this. Step 3: Take Away Temptations. Delete apps, porn sites, cancel subscriptions, throw away magazines, delete pics and block any content creators that stimulate your sexual energy and drive you towards old patterns. Step 4: Pick Up a Practice Mantra Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, Exercise, Creative Outlets, Sports or anything that gets you away from false stimulants and into a more healthy lifestyle. (The Become A Sexual Alchemist Training program, which has over 50 training videos teaches you techniques and practices to master your sex energy both in and outside the bedroom) This Friday I will be running a 70% off coupon code for the training program for Black Friday. Use coupon code: BlackFriday2020 Step 5: Have Fun While this is a serious topic, go at it in such a way that you embrace what you are gaining instead of focusing on what you are loosing. Have a ton of fun while learning to become a powerhouse in all aspects of life.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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