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5 Ways to Relieve Stress of Tension without Ejaculating

You are living in uncertain times and the pressure is growing. As the political situation heats up, lock-downs and restrictions get tighter and the emotions of the general public get out of hand, it will become harder and harder to avoid the unrest that is being generated in the atmosphere. Energy is like that, it touches everyone, whether you want it too or not. This outside pressure will be felt by all men and the need to relieve yourself of this pressure or stress will be there. One of the ways men relieve themselves of stress is through ejaculation, but this relief is only temporary and brings more tension and stress with it afterwards. WHEN YOU ARE DEPLETED OF YOUR ENERGY IT WILL BE NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO STAY POSITIVE AND OPTIMISTIC ABOUT YOUR FUTURE The more you try and relieve your stress through porn, masturbation and ejaculation, the more you will desire it, and it will become harder to maintain your semenretention and nofap lifestyle.

Here are 5 ways to relieve your stress without ejaculation:

  • Exercise - uses the built up energy and gives it an outlet. This is a healthy outlet as it increases your energy instead of depleting it, meaning more energy for fun, working towards goals, creating abundance and maintaining sanity within insane times.

  • Creative outlets - get your mind off yourself and your problems and redirects your focus. Whatever you focus on increases, that is the law of the universe. Where focus goes, energy flows.

  • Reading - When my mind is agitated or I cannot focus, reading is an incredible outlet. Reading redirects your focus, and if you are reading self-help books, inspirational material or content that helps you develop skills towards your goals it has an incredible Return on Investment.

  • Laughter - one of the best stress reliefs is laughter, it works wonderful and reduces all pressures. Get around funny people, jump on a skype or zoom call with someone who makes you laugh or put on a comedy that ignites BIG BELLY LAUGHS.

  • Sexual Alchemy - the BEST option is always the direct option. Sexual Alchemy practices teaches you to work directly with your sexual energy so you can hold that energy within your body and transmute it upwards exploding your creativity, personal power and ability to keep your vibration high above the pettiness and squabbling of the world. (look at the graphic at the bottom of the email for a Sexual Alchemy Program to get you started)

The world needs you right now to be a strong, stable and grounded man. The world needs real leaders, not just leaders by position and title, but men who can lead themselves and their families. As others around you notice your inner strength and control, they will look to you to as a source of inspiration. This is far bigger than your bedroom performance or ability to pick up women (even though this will also increase as you give off all the subtle signals of a great provider and protector). This is about being an example of self control and mastery in a time where people feel so lost, scared or unsettled that they will allow vices, negativity and unrest destroy them. Don't be that guy... Don't be a stat... Be a Sexual Alchemist!

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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