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Are you NAKED and AFRAID?

How do you feel about your naked body? Many men, just like many women, have major body insecurities ​​which affect their everyday lives. Some of it is happening at an unconscious level and some of it is conscious. The ONLY way to change anything​​ is first to become conscious of it, then deal with it head on. You cannot mask your insecurities from yourself, even though you may be an expert in hiding it from others. How do we try and hide it from others? We mask our feelings of insecurity or inadequacy in many different ways. Some of us do it by becoming workaholics, figuring the more money we make ​​​​the feeling of lack will go away. Some of us try to mask it through drugs, alcohol ​​or other addictive behaviors. And some of us simply succumb to these feelings, closing ourselves off to the world and the possibilities it offers. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with making money or having pleasure in this world. The challenge isn't in the activity itself, but rather WHY you are doing it? ​​This means taking an honest, hard look in the mirror and getting brutality honest. If you cannot be open and honest with yourself, then what hope will you have of being open and honest with your partner? If you cannot be comfortable in your own skin, how will you become a powerhouse both in and outside the bedroom?​​

Try this exercise to help you discover your own body insecurities When you are alone, stand in front of the mirror naked (a full body mirror is best). Look at yourself from head to toe, front and back. Notice what the little voice in your head says. Don't worry about what it says and try not to justify or change it... simply listen to your own mind. This will reveal to you your own thoughts about your body. When I did this exercise I had a mixture of both positive and negative thoughts. It showed me where I wasn't fully accepting my body and therefor myself. I embraced the positive thoughts​​ as well as the negative ones. When it came to the negative thoughts, I asked, what is in my control? Here are a few examples I did for myself that may help you. ​​ How tall I am - not in my control. My overall body structure - not in my control. My muscle mass and tone, ahh... in my control. The amount of fat on my body - in my control. ​​ ​​I recognized by making a few small changes in my eating and exercise habits much of my body insecurities that are in my control could be transformed. As my body image has improved, so has my self esteem and self worth. With a strong self esteem and self worth, naturally comes the energy and confidence to ask for money in my business, raise my standard of living and create an awesome life. Your insecurities, if left unchecked will dominate your mindset​​​​ and manifest insecure thinking patterns about your health, relationships, sex life, finances and career. Try the exercise out, see what comes up and then make a plan of action. ​​To help you on your journey to actualizing your potential and purpose, join me inside my next free webinar training called Sex Mastery 101​​ Click the link below to register (recording will be made available to those who register)​​​

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.


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