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Okay, it's not a test of your manhood to say you beat your Mom in arm wrestling last night at your wife's 1st of 2 birthday parties. (yes, there will be a second party on Saturday lol)

But it is a testimonial for my love of showing off... let me explain.

As you practice #semenretention and #nofap, you will sense a strong desire within you to "peacock." What is pea-cocking?

Basically you want to "show off" in order to be appear attractive. This is the unconscious reason for our consumer based culture. A desire to be attractive so you can get laid.

From a bodily perspective your biology and therefor your mind will start to push you towards your more #masculine qualities and desires, the chief desire being #sex. To the body, success means procreation and to the male that means ejaculation.

Success in the average man's mind is all the things that he's accumulated that has resulted in having sex e.g. money, cars, clothes, status, power, fame, intellect, etc.

When a man ejaculates, his life force is expelled as well. Biologically speaking, it makes sense. Your body is giving all your best nutrients to your #semen so the new life being created will have the best chance of survival.

If your intention is to have a child than this is great but if you are spilling your life force into a tissue paper or dirty sock, that life force is wasted.

Nature does not waste anything. When you retain your semen for long enough your body will use that energy if it's not released by reabsorbing the semen, refining it into energy and redistributing it throughout your body. This energy becomes your aura and your aura creates new results.

Because your basic instinct is sex from a bodily perspective, that energy will enhance your physical and mental attractiveness to try and get you laid. Essentially nature will enhance you so you become a better sexual partner.

These enhancements will manifest differently depending on the man's natural abilities and inclinations.

Results like brighter eyes, deeper voice, clear skin, a boost in testosterone and a serious drive for action all come with retaining your semen. Some ancient mystics referred to semen as the elixir of life because of its potency and power.

These mystics and sages also learned that if you retrain your sex desire for bodily success to spiritual success, you can attain union with God. They saw that physical sex desire is the material way to express the souls spiritual desire which is pure love.

Love in its highest expression becomes love of God. In its human expression it becomes relationships, friendships and creative power to build and organize. In its lowest expression it's sex.

This is why celibacy is promoted as a way to express the highest form of love which is pure bliss.

They also noticed that for the common man this feat is nearly impossible due to lack of training. Through the mercy of the great sages, tantric and sexual kung fu were created to help the common man control his sex desire, build his energy and learn to transmute it into different aspects of their lives.

As you grow in these practices it can become a spring board to both material and spiritual success. The choice will be yours.

If you want to experience the techniques used by these masters to retain their semen and master their #sexenergy, join me for a free 90 minute Intensive training on October 10th.

Click the link below to register. A recording will sent off if you cannot make it live.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.


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