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Discovering Sex on a Deeper Level

Let's be real.. sex is a mystery to most of us. While a few years ago I would have arrogantly said I know all about sex, once I dove down the rabbit hole of sex transmutation, tantra and semen retention... I REALIZED I KNEW NOTHING! lol Seriously though, I was astonished about my lack of understanding of sex. Of course, I knew sex could create a baby and I knew I liked doing, but I had no idea sex also can create charisma, attraction, intimacy, wealth, power and even spiritual realization. I had no idea that sex isn't just a physical act, but an emotional act, a mental act and a spiritual act. I had no idea that sexual energy could be moved throughout the body and that it can be used for healing, connecting and manifesting. I had no idea I had the capacity to experience full body, non-ejaculatory orgasms and that I would be living a semen retention lifestyle and helping men all over the world do the same. I had no idea that sex could be so much fun and incredibly empowering once a few practices are mastered and pettiness like insecurity and jealousy are put out your mind. I am excited for what I will continue to learn and experience when it comes to exploring the world of sexual energy. It's interesting also to note how controversial sex can be with some people. There are so many belief systems surrounding sexuality in this world. From the purest to the down and dirty, there is no denying how much sex influences our daily life and how much their is still to discover. If you want to discover the mysteries of sex transmutation, tantra and semen retention, then register for my upcoming webinar, click the link below to get on the list.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.


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