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Does God Hate Sex?

Does God hate sex.. the answer is no. A good question would be, why does every religion in the world seem to demonize sex? the answer is, real religions try and motivate you to think beyond your bodily conceptions of life. Why is it important you move beyond your bodily conception of life? So you can free yourself from your material body and escape the cycle of birth and death. This is the ultimate human problem, which there is only a spiritual solution. When your identity is freed from the body, you, who is actually spiritual (consciousness) becomes free from the cycle of birth and death according to all wisdom traditions. 99.99% of people on this planet identify themselves with their bodies and the labels/obligations that come with this body. These labels can be heard in their "I am" statements. (You know the statements I mean right? I am black, I am white, I am Christian, I am Hindu, I am son, I am brother, I am father, I am rich, I am poor, I am sexy, I am ugly, I am vaccinated, I am un-vaccinated, I am gay, I am trans, I am...) This list never ends, and in this world, our current political leaders exploit these labels keeping us divided, weak, and easily controlled. Religions, which are all anchored in the same spiritual truth, we are not these bodies and mind, but we are spiritual beings, have tried to encourage mankind since time immemorial to use our sexual energy for growth, and to be cautious that we don't become pleasure seeking beings. This is dynamically opposite to the current non-spiritual culture we live in today. Today, everything is driven by pleasure, whether of the body or mind. Just look at how much sex is being thrown in your face through entertainment and radical "woke" movements. I believe in this age, where 99.99% of us have watched porn and engaged in sexual activities from such a young age, we need a new approach to getting back into alignment with the proper use of sex. FEAR BASED MOTIVATION IS UNHEALTHY! While I believe that we should all gain is sexual mastery and eventually transcend it before death, I don't believe the current fear based, suppression and repression tactics religions use is healthy. It is an old methodology and doesn't work for the modern age. The Fear of God needs to be transformed into the Love of God. The misuse of sex in the church for example, has turned many people off any spiritual life or trying to understand God. I believe this to be one of the main reasons so many young people are attracted by the "atheistic woke" culture. They too are searching for happiness and belonging, like us all. But the reality of this world is that you never find it in totality, because this world is full of duality. God means the sum total of everything physical and non-physical! When someone attains God-Consciousness, they transcend duality and no longer seek belonging or validation from others, they have been freed from the mental slavery which is material life and false bodily conceptions. God doesn't hate sex, he simply wants you to use it for it's purpose. and what is the purpose of sex? Ultimately, for Children! On that note, It can be argued that sex is also one way human beings show love. Studies show that when a couple having sex in a loving mood, their hormones are all activated and there are many chemical benefits. Of course, that is not spiritual, but it is sex done in the mode of goodness. Sex can also be in total ignorance which is what masturbation and porn is. Why is it in ignorance? Because you are not actually having sex, it is an illusion of sex. And because we live in an illusory world, it is hard to distinguish what is real and what is not. Sex can be in the mode of passion, where it is full of lust and desire. Most sex within the first 6 months of a relationship or 1 night stands fall into this mode. Sex can also be done in the mode of goodness, where it is an exchange of loving energy. Both partners feel fulfilled, not just at the body level, but also the level of the mind and heart. And of course, placed in the mode of goodness is sex for the purpose of babies. By slowly changing your depth of understanding about sex, can your relationship with sex evolve from simply a way to "get off" into a way to reach God. Practicing semen retention in your life is easy when you learn to have sex in the mode of goodness (and without ejaculation, which is far more pleasurable then in lust/ignorance) your need for porn and masturbation decreases and then disappears. At this stage of sexual maturity, you desire sex in a natural way, with another person in energetic exchange. This is what I show men how to do. I show them how to transform their ignorant habits into passion and then goodness. It is like climbing a ladder. How fast can you go from the ignorance stage to the goodness stage? That is a matter of mentorship and dedication. I can teach any man, even if you been watching porn and jerking it since a young age, to transform your relationship with sex in 90 days from ignorance to goodness. That is what the 90 Semen Retention Army Boot-Camp is. Not only in these 90 days will you be able to make love for as long as you want, please and satisfy your partner in new ways, and reverse the damage porn has caused to you... you will be able to unleash your spiritual gifts and warrior archetype. The world needs you right now! We are falling deeper and deeper into darkness and men are sinking faster than ever before, especially with the rise of internet pornography and gender confusion. We have too many atheistic leaders who are moving us away from a God centered society. It is up to me and you to balance things out and re-establish healthy masculinity. Healthy masculinity and restoring men as strong spiritual leaders in society will put God back into the center and bring about greater unity, prosperity, freedom and growth. If you are ready to become a spiritual warrior and make a HUGE difference in this world, book a 30 minute Free Consultation with me and let's connect. The Semen Retention Army 90 Day Boot-Camp will explode your energy and launch you towards your destiny. As you learn the techniques to redirect your sexual energy, which is sacred creative energy, into your higher pursuits and away from this over sexualized material atmosphere, your inner peace, joy and gifts will shine through. Fortune favors the brave! Are you in? Nakula


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