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If you want to take all doubts and limitations off the table in 2021​​... If you want the energy to create dynamic experiences, both in and outside the bedroom. If you want to feel like a zillion bucks while having confidence and charisma ooze from you, then semen retention and nofap lifestyle is for you. ​​​

Does it work? ​​It's cool to have doubts, and while I can throw facts and scientific words at you, the only way you will quiet the doubt in your mind is to experience the personal power and freedom for yourself. While you can read testimonial after testimonial of men sharing success stories, having more women attracted to them, sharing spiritual realizations, connecting better with their partner and banking more cash, you still won't fully accept the power of sex transmutation. Why won't you accept it? ​​​​​​Your mind will resist anything that changes it, even if it's for the better. This is why you need to experience sexual alchemy, so when your dumb ass cousin tells you your an idiot for not watching porn or making a mess of your bed sheets each night, you will silently laugh at his foolishness as your relish in the power and wisdom you hold. Your dumb ass cousin, along with the thoughts and opinions of weak minded men will no longer shake your confidence and certainty of who you are, what you are made of and your path of evolution. ​​Don't sit idly in this lifestyle, you have to be actively transmuting your energy through action. Cultivation and transmutation of sex energy is powerful when mixed with energy awareness and focus. This is exactly what you will learn to do this weekend through practical exercises and techniques to be used in everyday life. ​​ If you want to experience the power of semen retention, nofap and sexual alchemy, join me this weekend for Semen Retention Mastery 101​​. Click the link below for registration details. If you have any question, write me by replying to this email. ​​



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