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Dopamine and how it affects your erections

Dopamine is natures reward system which is released into the bloodstream when you achieve something, finish a task or experience pleasure. (ie: chocolate cake or sex) Ultimately it affects the centers of your brain that relates to impulses (masturbation or drugs), pleasure, memory, goal-oriented behaviors and hormonal management.   In the modern world, technology has become a new way to release dopamine into the system, unfortunately it is doing it in a very unnatural way.  Too  much porn, videos games and social media lead to excessive amounts of dopamine being released into your system which makes the dopamine receptors worn out. When your dopamine receptors  get worn out, your body starts to require higher levels of dopamine to feel normal.  This is why the modern world has so many people feeling low energy, bored and is fueling highly addictive behaviors. Everyday life seems to be a dread and there is no enjoyment in the simple aspects of life, like being alive, spending time with loved ones or reading a book.  This is also effecting your erection as a men. Erection requires a healthy level of dopamine in your brain and body. When your have worn out your dopamine receptors you will experience week and short lived erections.  A real women or partner will not do it for you any more, because you will have worn out regular stimulation.   This is why so many men are secretly watching hours of porn, movies are getting more violent and men as early as 20 are experiencing erectile dysfunction.  More and more men are reporting inability to perform well, or at all in the bedroom. When your sexual performance and drive is tainted, it affects your confidence and your masculinity comes into question.  This can have devastating affects on a man's mental and physical well-being.   Don't panic, there are very simple and practical steps you can take to balance your dopamine levels and start claiming your masculine power. This weekend I am doing a free webinar training called, "How to Transmute your Sexual Energy" where I will share techniques you can use to balance your dopamine and master your sexual energy.  When you master your sex energy, you will be a powerhouse, both in and outside the bedroom. Click here to register

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Nakula Das


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