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Having Sexual Fantasies at inappropriate times?

Don't worry, I got a you...

For men, and many women, sex desire can arise at the most awkward or inappropriate times. For instance, your boss is laying down the sales goals for the week while you stare blankly at your screen pretending to be interested. But just underneath the false look of interest on your face, your mind wanders into all the things you would like to do with that Instagram model.

The sad part is, you actually want to pay attention to your boss and want to do well. You have ambitions of moving up in the world, both inside and outside of your career, but sadly last nights PornHub video is rocking your mental world.

For men this can get uncomfortable both mentally and physically. The physical side is obvious, a good set of boxer briefs should keep you out of trouble, but what about those fantasies that just wont ago away? How do you put them down, until the time is right to pick them back up?

Sex energy is the most powerful driving force within you, and for most men it has zero training around it. This is a huge problem because it will steer you away from success into mediocrity and a pathetic form of existence. Uncontrolled sex desire leads to excessive ejaculation. Excessive ejaculation creates all kinds of problems for men such as low testosterone levels, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, depletion of energy and negative thoughts and habits.

Learning to consciously control your sex energy will allow you to take that same powerful driving force and redirect it towards your own greatness. This is what the great sages of the ancients knew. It is what Olympic athletes, great leaders, artists and intellectual geniuses have done to fuel their success. Learning to master your sexual energy is learning how to tap into your own personal power.

When you can control your sex arousal, you benefit both inside and outside the bedroom. A man can retain his semen, last as long as he wants in the bedroom and become a greater lover for his partner.

He can use this control to transfer the desire of sex into the desire of wealth, health and relationships. You can use this energy and transform it into spiritual enlightenment.

This type of mastery won't be achieved overnight, but here are 3 tips to keep you out of trouble

  1. When you notice yourself becoming aroused, bring your attention to your thoughts. This will loosen the intensity of your arousal. When most men get aroused their awareness goes straight to their penis fueling the desire and eventual action taken to fulfill that desire.

  2. When you become aware of your thoughts, you will most likely become aware of the mental fantasies you are playing in your mind. This conscious awareness may be enough to defuse the arousal and bring your attention back to the moment.

  3. If you need a little extra help, bring your attention to your breath. Take a deep, slow inhale, the slower the better. When you become aroused you have either trained yourself to breathe heavy or hold your breath tightening up your body. (The key to controlling arousal is to keep your body relaxed. This is the foundation for men to experience non-ejaculatory orgasms and lasting for hours in the bedroom. It is the foundation of sex transmutation)

If you want to learn how to control your sex energy and transmute it into your life's goals then register for my upcoming webinar. On August 29th, 2020 I will be doing a Free 1 Hour Training on Sexual Alchemy for men.

Nakula Das

Your Eternal Servant


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