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Let's start with how limiting beliefs are defined when it comes to #sex energy. A limiting belief, in the context of this email, is any belief that makes you feel negative towards your own #sexuality or limits your use of it's energy, whether physically,

emotionally, mentally or #spiritually.

There are two types of limiting beliefs that you are dealing with:

Internal limiting beliefs = ideas you have about yourself and abilities External limiting beliefs = ideas the general society carries through social/cultural programming

Some typical limiting beliefs that men carry and deal with are:

I will never get over this #porn addiction, I am just way to sexual My body (chest/arms/penis) is not big enough to be attractive I am a man, I am suppose to have lots of sexual partners If I restrict my sexual activity, my woman will cheat on me All women want are men with big packages and big bank accounts I have a big package, must mean I am a great lover I have a small package, I cannot please a woman I must perform like a pornstar when I am in the bedroom I am to fat/skinny/short/tall to attract a healthy and loving relationship I must be an ultra alpha male to impress women #God hates sex

Before you pass judgement on any of these, know that these are all actual beliefs that I have helped men overcome.

The first step to overcoming any limiting belief, is admitting that you have them. Once you can admit it then you have every chance of overcoming it.

What is waiting for you on the other side of your limiting beliefs?


As you free yourself of limiting beliefs around your sex energy, you free this energy from just being expressed on the physical platform and are able to move it upwards through body giving birth to new dimensions of yourself.

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