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How Semen Retention get's you into places others can't get in

If there is 1 quality a man should enhance within himself, it is charisma. Charisma comes easier for some than for others, but nature supplied every man with a certain level of charisma as part of his sexual attraction tactics. A man's charisma is naturally enhanced when he is aroused. Think about how much more caring, attentive and funny you are when you want #sex. When you want sex, a whole new you shows up. You take care of the dishes, you plan date night, you workout three times the same day before you go to the club at night so your chest and arms are swollen lol And when you are in-front of your lover, you show up on your A game. Now imagine a life where you can turn this charisma up and on at will. Now your charisma isn't just being used to attract sex, it's being used to attract clients, bump you to first class at the airport and invites you over to dinner from the #hotcouple down the street you have been wanting to meet. For those walking the spiritual path, that charisma will allow you to open hearts and reach people like never before. Your charisma will allow you to share your spiritual wisdom with people who are not normally interested in the topic. Charisma is attractive and it can be enhanced in every man through #semenretention and #nofap. If you want to learn more about the science behind this and how semen retention will enhance every attractive quality within you, register for this Saturday's free webinar, Sex Mastery 101.

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