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How to know 100% you have leveled up your energy body

If you are reading this good chances are you currently putting in effort to improve your life.

In fact, I would argue that every person on the planet makes attempts to up-level their life, whether it be their abilities in the bedroom, have a fulfilling relationship or creating abundance.

Now let's be real... 95% of people will fail.

Even if they 'appear' successful on social media, if you take a deep dive into their actual results, you will see that most people struggle to up-level, it's why we praise and admire someone who actually does it.

Inherently we all know how difficult it can be.

Personally, in the past I spent many years putting in massive effort to improve my life, and just when I think I had made the changes to be successful, something bad ended up happening.

Be it a job loss, burning out in my business, or the sickness of a loved one. Doesn't matter what it is, this 'trigger event' causes most people to fall right back into the negative patterns they worked so hard to get rid of, or they abandon the positive habits they have been cultivating.


At first glance, you'd be quick to assume that it was the 'trigger event'.


But I'd go a bit further than that and argue that they hadn't truly changed at all.

Believe me when I say this:

You know you've actually changed when something negative happens and you still continue to operate and function at a higher level.

Life will always present challenges and problems. Life will always present temptations that will take you away from your path.

It is not a question of will life "trigger" you, it is only a matter of when. This is why it is so important that you develop a strong growth mindset.

The easiest way to insure your life continues to grow is by transforming your inner world. Your inner world is the secret to permanent change.

The reason why so many fail when their "trigger event" happens is because they have only focused on their outer world results and not changing their inner thoughts and energy patterns.

Permanent change ONLY happens when there is a permanent change in thinking.

This world is made up of thoughts, and thoughts are made up of energy. The quality of thoughts you are producing is directly correlated with the current state of your energy patterns.

If you can perceive your life's results both in and outside the bedroom as a result of your energy, and nothing else, then you can make the permanent changes you want because you will know where to focus your efforts.

Do not be fooled by the glitz and temptations of your outer world. If you want to change what you see in the mirror, you never change the mirror itself.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner energy.

Changing your energy patterns happen quickly if you take to the proven methods and formulas laid out by the masters of the past.

Success leaves clues!

Here is what all the great men of the past did to get their permanent results. They controlled and used their masculine sexual energy in a conscious way.

Steve Jobs would pull out during sex to withhold his ejaculation understanding the power that came with it.

Mahatma Gandhi took vows of celibacy at age 37 to better control himself.

Kanye West took his sex addiction and put his focus/energy into his music and career.

However you do it, you must find a way to transform your raw animal lust into creative energy.

In my upcoming free webinar, Sex Mastery 101, I will be sharing the techniques for transforming sexual urges into fuel for action, plus so much more.

Click the link below to register If you have any questions or are looking for additional techniques to up-level your energy, reply to this email and let's connect. Keep up the great work, Nakula


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