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Imagine The New You After 12 Months Of This!

The purpose of this email list is to educate and motivate you on all aspects of semen retention and developing a strong masculine frame. It would be natural to think, of course I know what he is talking about. He is asking to me imagine myself after 12 months of the retention lifestyle... and YES, please do that! However, I want to add something to your life to give you an edge while making it easier to practice semen retention, so read right till the end. Intermittent Fasting Just in case you are not familiar, this is when you eat only during a set period in the day. For example, you can eat two meals, the first at 11am and the second at 7pm. The rest of the time you are fasting. It's kind of funny, the world is now promoting this as a new discovery, but Yogis have been eating this way for thousands of years. Generally, most people are consuming more food than required. There are many reasons for this that I won't go into that right now, perhaps in a future email. What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

The image above is what you can expect when you commit to a strong Intermittent Fasting diet. Most people never really get to this point. They never really experience the:

  • Cognition benefits

  • Improved memory

  • Leveling up in mental clarity

  • Energy/focus

Because they either don't commit properly, or they screw themselves up because they have so many other bad habits. I know for myself, I use to be a "weekends off" kinda guy. I would be disciplined during the week, then as soon as Friday came, I would fall back into bad habits. I would use this a "reward", but eventually developed the mindset, poisoning myself is never a reward! That is a slave mindset. The big corporate/industrial machine has programmed most of us that the weekend's is time to let loose and "enjoy life." This is absolute bullshit. Getting high, drunk or jerking off to porn and damaging your body is not real enjoyment. Think about how illusory that is... You damage your body, your finances, your relationships and your spiritual life, then convince yourself you are enjoying lol (kinda fucked up if you ask me) Here is the deal, when you fast in anyway, you allow your body time to reset and rejuvenate. This process helps your body get rid of old patterns and rejuvenate its natural healthy self. If you want to take your ability to manifest, influence and perform in your daily life to a whole new level, the combination of intermittent fasting with ejaculation regulation will do it for you. If you want to learn more ways you can improve your overall energy levels and gain all the benefits of semen retention, join me on May 7th at 1pm EST for Sex Mastery 101. This is a FREE WEBINAR where you will experience sexual alchemy practices, dive deep into the science of retention, plus so much more... Keep growing Soldier, Nakula


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