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Looking for Love? SR will help, here is why


Something that is bothering me is the amount of men who find themselves divorced or coming out of a long-term relationship.

I know it can be painful, and for whatever reason it happened, I invite you to see the opportunity in the pain.

If you take the knowledge in this blog and act upon it, it will make life A LOT easier when it comes to finding love, I know this is a motivation for a lot of you.

Before I share this secret to love I need to equip you with at least this 1 piece of knowledge you MUST accept, attraction matters!!

Before I share this secret to love I need to equip you with at least this 1 piece of knowledge you MUST accept, attraction matters!!

Your job is not to look for love, but rather to attract love by the man you have become.

Here is the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to attract an AMAZING love life and why Semen Retention will help you.


People, especially women, are attracted to men with high self-esteem.

By improving your self-esteem you will open the amount of options you have. Not only will the amount of options you have increase, so will the quality of potential partners.

Like Attracts Like

The ONLY WAY to have an amazing love life is to become an amazing man, or what I call a POWERHOUSE MAN.

A powerhouse man has high self-esteem. This is reflected by how his mind works which is much different than men with low self-esteem.

High self-esteem changes the way your mind works on a very fundamental level, which then impacts every area of your life, especially when it comes to finding love.

Semen Retention develops your self-esteem, here is how at a high level.

Biologically - By increasing your testosterone levels through natural means your desire for action will increase. As long as you are jerking off to porn and ejaculating daily your body will be depleted of the vital life force which is linked to your self-esteem.

Mentally - As you increase your ability to retain, both your focus and ambition will increase. People, especially women, are attracted to men who are advancing in their life. If a woman senses you are a man that is going somewhere, she will happily follow you.

If she feels you are powerhouse man, she will either step up her game to match yours or will disqualify herself from being your partner. ​​

Remember, Like Attracts Like​

Spiritually - As you retain and clean up your habits, your body will become purified from the toxins, both in body and in mind. As your body becomes purified from these toxins your aura will increase.

Aura is the secret to attraction.

With a strong and healthy aura, you will be able to attract a partner with a strong and healthy aura. This healthy aura will lead you to new places and experiences which will put love in your path.

This method of finding worldly love is far from the "tinder world" or "dating coaches" which equip you with pick up lines and how to create a great dating profile.

In this method, there is no need for pick up lines or dating profiles because your self-esteem will be so strong that love will literally come to you.

There is an old saying, "Who you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear the words you are saying" ​​

If you want to attract an amazing love life, then start developing yourself as man. This weekend I am doing my signature webinar, Sex Mastery 101 where I will dive deep into how Semen Retention works, it's practical applications and the secrets to becoming a powerhouse both in & outside the bedroom. Click the link below to register and learn to increase your aura.​​​​​​ Nakula Your General & Well-Wisher​

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