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Sex Beyond the Bedroom

Sexual urges have power beyond the bedroom. The reason you think about sex when you have a sexual urge is because you have trained your mind to interpret your sexual impulses into thoughts of sex. What if every time you felt horny, you thought about money instead? What about thoughts of your ideal lifestyle? What about thoughts of your ideal physique? What about thoughts on God?​​ As men, we have a natural drive that wants to connect with the feminine energy. This is where we feel satisfied, whole and complete. Within you is both masculine and feminine energy, so it is possible through training and practice to become less dependent and even completely independent of the need for someone else to complete you. This is what many mystic practices look to achieve, a state where you are completely self-satisfied that you become unattached to worldy needs and desires. For us more worldy men, you can use your sexual impulses to create WHITE HOT desire for the accomplishment of your goals by attaching your sex drive to that goal. Essentially what I am saying is... get horny for your goals. ​​(SECRET: You must have a definite goal in mind for faster results and you must be able to hold lots of sex energy within your body) Sexual impulses are​​​​ impulses of creation. It is your body saying you are filled with pleasurable, creative energy. ​​Right away you can begin to associate a new desire by redirecting your thoughts of sex to thoughts of your goal. This desire, if consciously chosen through goal setting becomes filled with sexual energy making it WHITE HOT! Sexual energy is felt as sexual desire. For you to level up in any area of your life you must have WHITE HOT desire to do so. There nothing that will get a man into action more than sex. Attach sex desire to your goals and you will become an action taking machine. If your desire is only Luke warm, you will never make the appropriate ​​sacrifices needed to accomplish your bigger dreams. Accomplishment is created through sacrifice.​​This is what your $100 an hour Life Coach won't tell you! ​​This is why so many people fail... they are unwilling to sacrifice their comforts and norms for something new. If you ever decide to work with me 1 on 1, you will see quickly that results come because you will have to give up the bad habits. We track it and I don't bullshit anyone, real change is going to take real sacrifice.​​​​​ You can't wish your ideal life into existence. You must take real action which has it's roots in real WHITE HOT desire.​ WHITE HOT desire can be built easily by trained sexual alchemists because they learn to hold their semen for at least 30 days at a time​ and not to leak it uselessly. At this level of semen retention practice you can build your aura. The longer you hold, especially 90 day periods and beyond, the faster the transformations happen. This practice makes you into a manifestation machine.

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.



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