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Sex Energy Hack - Evolve Quicker

Sex drive and force is the most potent form of motivation on the planet.  Sexual drive will have a man create a kingdom or find himself to a quick and sudden death, depending on his use of the energy. Sex energy has creative intelligence and power, but it does not have a consciousness.  It simply acts in it's nature without flaw.  What is the nature of sex energy?  it's both sticky and creative. On a physical level, semen is of a consistency that can be sticky and bonding. It also has the power to generate another body. On a physic level, it can glue you to people, goals or behaviors.  You may know this from practical experience that you may still feel a connection to those you have slept with. This bond is so deeply woven into you that many people will stay in abusive relationships based upon this connection.   When you stare at porn for example, you are directing your sexual energy towards an imagine on a screen.  Unlike real sex, porn offers nothing back energetically to you. You are essentially gluing yourself to a fake image which is draining you of your vital energy.  Watching porn, even if you do not ejaculate drains you.  Of course, if you are ejaculating to porn, this drain will be felt even harder, leading you to the path of death. That may sound extreme, but the truth is the truth.  The more you learn to retain your semen, the more vital energy you keep within your body, keeping you younger, brighter and more vibrant for longer. The longer you retain, the more you accelerator your evolution which will take you to grow in spiritual realizations.  This is the power of semen retention and sexual alchemy. If you want to learn the techniques of the yogis and mystics to tap into this elixir of life, register for the Become A Sexual Alchemist training program. You learn to last as long as you want in the bedroom, feel the pleasure of orgasm without ejaculation and transmute this energy into your life's purpose and path. You have until tomorrow midnight to get the training for 50% off when you use the coupon code:  SEX If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.


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