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Shake your money maker...

Are you sitting down right now reading this email?

How much of your life is spent sitting down?

How much of your life is spent lying down?

It's time to shake things up and get moving. So many of the physical, mental and emotional challenges men face are directly related to a sedentary lifestyle.

What would happen if we shook things up with some movement?

I invite you to do a small exercise right now.

Stand up and start shaking your body. Go on... shake your money maker! And breathe… don't forget to breathe.

You got 30 seconds to move your body... GO!!

I trust you took the 30 seconds to actually do the exercise. The reality is most men are watchers and not doers. They are essentially "cucks" to life. They sit and watch porn, video games and TV.

They literally watch other men play sports, make money and have sex. Do you want to be a cuck at life?

Are you resistant to dancing or moving? (FYI...if you want to be a powerhouse in the bedroom, dancing is an amazing way to get over your insecurities and get loose in your body)

Was it a challenge? Did you feel the inertia of your body?

You can sit back down now and thank yourself for being a doer. Only doers get results in this world. In fact, it is very easy to be successful in this world if you become a man of action, it will only be a matter of time and consistency.

That is why semen retention is such a powerful lifestyle, it transforms you into a man of action. As you practice semen retention you will notice you have a ton of energy in which you can direct into physical action.

Imagine who you will become when you take daily action towards your ideal lifestyle.

In modern culture we spend so much time sitting and watching instead of doing and participating.

This way of living makes you disconnected from your body which is the very vessel that allows you to experience the world.

Think about it, without your body, you wouldn't be reading this right now.

So the key thing I want you to take away from our little experiment is this:

It's important to move. To have an embodied experience of life.

It not only will give you a richer journey, but can actually make you happier.

This is why we focus so much on embodiment practices inside the Semen Retention Army. Combining natural techniques such as sound, meditation, breath-work and movement has proven to be a winning formula for men who want to be powerhouses both in and outside the bedroom.

The next time you feel yourself sitting for too long, I hope you'll take a break and shake your money maker!

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

Also, if you are looking to advance yourself in Semen Retention & Tantra, participate in the latest live training I did on You Tube called POWER OF SOUND.

I share simple and easy techniques for lasting longer in the bedroom and raising your own awareness of self, which is the key to becoming a powerhouse man.

Keep up the great work solider!

Nakula Das


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