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The BIGGEST Reason men FAIL while practicing #SemenRetention & #NoFap

Today I am going to talk to you about one of the biggest reasons why men fail to create a semen retention lifestyle.

No one is speaking about this.

But I will today because it is the difference between mental freedom or mental slavery for 90% of men who are practicing #semenretention or #nofap.


More specifically, management of your own expectations of yourself.

Let’s be real.

Most men have been masturbating and ejaculating at least once a day from an early age. Some men more and some men less. But overall, we have grown up in a masturbation culture which has weakened us as men.

I can tell you from my experience as a sexual alchemist trainer, YOU WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL in this lifestyle unless you manage expectations.

If you have been #masturbating, especially to porn, for years or since you were young, these thoughts and habits are not going to go away overnight.

I have seen so many guys come and go in this lifestyle. The ones who stick around and make it a permanent way of life, and therefor get continued growth and benefits, develop a healthy mindset around their practice and #sexuality.

If every time you ejaculate you get down on yourself, think yourself to be a failure and then continue to set goals and not achieve them, you are destroying your self-worth and self-image.

Eventually you quit and stop trying, dooming yourself to a life of mediocrity as your best case scenario... worst cases can get pretty dark.

That is unacceptable in my army!

Real means, no bullshit and being honest about who you are, where you are at and what habits you are committed to transforming.

Positive means, staying above guilt, shame, regret and the victim mode or the need to find attention. In the army you will get tough love, you will get empathy and you will get a kick in the ass to keep you moving and stay on track.

Why most men fail is because they are horrible at managing expectations and staying accountable to their commitments.

This is exactly why I created the Semen Retention Army accountability groups.

My brothers I am with you, reach out if you need anything,

Love you all,



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