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The Dark Side of Sex

Do you remember the scene in the movie the Matrix? Neo wakes up in a coffin of slime where his body was being harvested for energy by the machines (the dark forces).  When he looks out he witnesses an endless farm of harvested bodies, all being used for energy.   Your sex energy is also being used like this by the forces of darkness. Your sex energy is very lucrative.  It is vibrant, creative, orgasmic, powerful and attractive energy.  Sex energy is "sticky", it bonds to whatever it is directed towards. On a physical level, semen has the qualities of stickiness, which is mimicking its energetic nature which is also sticky.  In plain language, you stick to whatever you are directing your sex energy towards.   This means, if you are watching porn after porn or flipping through Instagram model after Instagram model, you are subtly sticking yourself to all these images.  The problem is, zero reciprocation of energy is there because there is no life force on the other end.  When you have sex with someone, you are sending your energy outwards into them and there is a natural reciprocation that happens.  When you jerk off to porn or images on your screen, you simply throw your energy into the ether and become depleted.   A more scientific way to look at this is, watching porn causes excessive floods of dopamine which lead to quick, intense gratification, but then drop off steeply, leading to a ‘comedown’ period of depression and lethargy - leading you to seek more On a more energetic level, watching porn means you create an illusion of sex which sends your energy outwards, but when you receive no connection back, you become drained of your energy and loose your life force. The point is this... unless you tame this beast, it will drain you of all your energy, and with your energy goes your powerful, beautiful, intelligent, abundant and vibrant qualities, which spring from your energy body. This is why you see so many guys walking around with barely any energy, low to no ambition and therefore have become weak and pathetic to their families and communities. The dark forces within this world use the depletion of your sex energy as a way to control you. When your sex energy is depleted, your willingness to fight back, question authorities, get creative, drive results and own your life is essentially gone.  Where does this leave you? Working shitty jobs for shit pay, no energy to get laid for real or attract a wonderful relationship that is far deeper than physical pleasure and no drive to get things done and create your dreams. As far as spiritual advancement, there is no chance of spiritual advancement without some control over your sex energy.  You don't have to become a Saint or a monk to train yourself to master your sexual energy. You do however have to learn the techniques and practices that have been used be mystics for thousands of years to retain their semen, master their sex energy and live a created life. I will be doing a Free 90 Minute Sexual  Alchemy Training on October 10th, 2020.  Click the link below and register to learn and practice techniques you can use right away to leave the dark-side of sex behind. 90 Minute Sexual Alchemy Intensive:  How to master your sex energy

If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.

Your Eternal Servant

Nakula Das


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