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The Enemy of Consciousness is...

If the enemy of light is darkness, we can argue that the enemy of consciousness is ignorance.

​​What exactly are you ignorant of?

​​You are ignorant of your true identity.

​​and what is your true identity?

​​You are spirit-soul, not your body or mind.

​​99.99% of people on this planet identify themselves with their bodies and the labels/obligations that come with this body. These labels can be heard in their "I am" statements.

​​(You know the statements I mean right? I am black, I am white, I am Christian, I am Hindu, I am son, I am brother, I am father, I am rich, I am poor, I am sexy, I am ugly, I am vaccinated, I am un-vaccinated, I am gay, I am trans, I am...)

​​This list never ends, and in this world, our current political leaders exploit these labels keeping us divided, weak, and easily controlled.

​​Nothing wrong with these labels, I have many of my own. The difference is that through spiritual knowledge and experience, my heart is no longer identified with these bodily labels. Now, I am simply spirit-soul, and the symptom of the soul is consciousness. You are awareness itself which is all spiritual and completely free from the limitations of this manifested world.

​​Of course, you have a body and mind, with all it's labels, natural urges and desires. We cannot ignore the body and think we have transcended it.

​​These labels, urges and desires can be used to fuel your spiritual growth, or they will become the anchor that keeps you tied to the sufferings of your body. This transfer of energy, from material to spiritual, is the essence of the #SemenRetention​ lifestyle we teach inside the #SemenRetentionArmy.​

​​Porn anchors your consciousness, or awareness, completely into the most degraded form of animal consciousness. This is because porn is designed to please the most animalistic desires your body posses.

​​While it may be pleasurable for a few moments, the repercussions are damaging as porn falsely fulfills those desires in the most un-natural way, leaving you thirsty for more.

​​The results being anxiety, depression, irritability and anger, which can easily take hold in a porn watchers mind, ruining their motivation, confidence and ability to become aware of anything other than their sexual needs.

​​This is death for the spiritual seeker, because it ultimately means you are choosing to stay at the level of the animal consciousness.

​​When a man quits porn and begins to regulate his sexual life, he climbs the ladder of consciousness as he becomes less aware of the needs of his body, and more aware of the needs of his true self as soul. He realizes for himself that the pleasure he desires is not of the flesh, but of the spirit.

​​In this realization his consciousness expands beyond his own desires and his ability to perform outstanding deeds in this world expands with it.

​​This is why we must win the #WarOnPorn!.

T​​o join the #WarOnPorn and kill this enemy in yourself, attend these upcoming events.

​If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time.

REGISTER & PLUG INTO UPCOMING EVENTS: November 20th 2021 - 1:00pm EST "How to Quit Porn" For Hare Krishna Devotees hosted by The Guild of the Arisen Discord Group. A Sangha for Men: November 18th 2021- 2:00am EST The Real Effects of Pornography Facebook Live with Doctor Shonpal from Australia

November 19th 2021 - 9:30am EST Becoming a Captain in the Semen Retention Army with Captain Jake Emlyn December 4th 2021 "How to Quit Porn" Free Webinar Training MEN ONLY


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