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The Hardcore Fapper: What is possible for you?

If you consider yourself a hardcore Fapper and you want to know what is TRULY possible for you, read this email to the end.

One of the biggest questions I get from men conducting free consultations is, "...but Nakula, I have been jerking off since my early teens, is it really possible to practice Semen Retention and NoFap now?

The short answer is YES

The more accurate answer is... it depends

What does it depend on?


Your body is designed to heal itself and work at it's most optimum rhythm. If you are reading this email then I am going to assume you accept that semen retention will drive the most optimal performance you can manifest.

If you are still uncertain about how and why semen retention works, go to my YT Channel and start binge watching. There are a ton of videos explaining the benefits and science behind semen retention.

By depleting yourself constantly you are throwing away your creative energy and motivation.

Your masculine qualities make you attractive to feminine energy. ONLY men who retain and learn to harness that energy for higher purposes will can achieve extraordinary results in this life.

So what is possible for you, the hardcore fapper?

The best case scenario is you will become a master of your sexual energy. You will kill the habits of porn and masturbation while learning to harness your energy upwards in your body, igniting your testosterone and masculine growth.

The immediate results of motivation, sharper mind and enhanced masculine qualities makes you more attractive and appealing to women.

For the serious practitioner your confidence will go through the roof so when you walk into a room, heads turn.

Charisma and natural social skills will blossom as your life evolves to the next level.

It TRULY is possible to achieve this within 1 year or less.


It is also possible that nothing changes.

It is possible that you read this email and nothing shifts.

It is possible that you continue to be a hardcore Fapper and deplete your masculinity until you are a withered up man with no ambition, vision or drive for life.

It is possible that sex continues to control your mind and therefore life as slowly your world becomes smaller and predictable... boring

The truth is, statistically that is the fate of most men.

The few who get out of this trap rule their kingdoms with ease because they have mastered themselves at a level most men will never be wise enough to value.

If you are ready to DECIDE enough is enough, than make the decision to book a free consultation with me and let me help you put a custom development plan for growth.

Nakula Das

Your General & Well-Wisher


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