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The ONE Way Your Diet Kills Your Sexual Performance

Sugar Reduces SEXUAL PERFORMANCE and LIBIDO. (Over time)

I just watched a super interesting video of a guy on YouTube who stopped eating anything with added sugar for a year, his name is Ali.

I appreciate his video because he seems genuine in his journey and acknowledges how hard this can be. (I have included the video at the end of this email)

He shares some facts about sugar and how the average American consumes 71g of added sugar per day, and 57 pounds of added sugar per year.

That is the equivalent to eating 3 bags of Sour Patch Kids everyday!


As a guy who has eaten a lot of sour patch kids this is scary AF.

Why do you crave sugar?

Sugar is a deep craving within the human system. Our ancestors would know a fruit is ripe when they ate it and it was sweet.

In the yogic culture, sugar is also recommended to develop your brain through fruits. It is hardwired in us to want sugar, the problem is we are not eating natural sugars.

In today's highly processed world, where almost everything is fake, so is the sugar we eat.

Let's take a check in on how fake the world has become:

  1. We watch women online instead of meeting them in real life.

  2. We play video games to get a sense of accomplishment instead of actually advancing in real life

  3. We eat processed foods high in sugar/salts instead of cooking real food.

Take a minute right now and ask yourself, where are you substituting something fake for something real?

Sugar is being added into everything, sauces, cereals, juices, even the so-called "healthy" ones. It won't be easy to get away from, I know I certainly have my work cut out for me in this department, but I am determined to do it after being inspired by this video.

Of course, quitting any habit is hard, but it is worth it!

In the video, Ali talks about how the benefits didn't kick in until the withdrawal effects (generally not feeling good) completely disappeared, which took over 30 days!

Here's where it gets interesting:

  • His boxing became much easier

  • He ran up the stairs without getting out of breath (with absolute ease)

  • He stopped having energy crashes

  • He was more alert throughout the day

  • He had no more exhaustion by 7pm when trying to do homework

  • He noticed a lot more veins in his arms (signs his skin was healthier and thinner)

  • He maintained harder erections

The last benefit caught my attention in the context of male sexual health. It was this point that made me want to share this video and information about sugar with you.

I did a little more research and learned that sugar is a three-way assault on your sexual performance, especially as you get older.

Your cardio/stamina gets worse, your blood flow is terrible (clogged arteries), and your testosterone falls even more rapidly than it otherwise naturally would.

Sugar = REDUCED Sexual Performance.

Honestly, nothing good comes from sugar other than 30-60 seconds of pleasure it offers you.

Similarly to masturbation, especially with ejaculation, it offers no real benefit.

You simply end up wasting time, depleting your energy, and developing a hard to quit habit that diminishes your masculine qualities.

To check out Ali's video, click the link below.

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