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As you learn to retain your semen, you will notice an increase in #sex desire, almost to the point of ridiculous lol

The good news is, the longer you practice the easier it gets and you will learn to fuel your other desires and dreams. You will turn your sex fuel into a massive bank account, passionate and exciting relationships, memory making experiences and spiritual growth.

Whatever you want to create, #sexenergy will be the ticket to your ultimate lifestyle. Here is your stumbling block.

You will want more #sex, which in itself is not bad, however depending on your current sexual habits, that could mean more Inst Models, more Porn and more Masturbation defeating the purpose of #semenretention.

It is natural that the more sex energy you hold in your body, the more your body will desire it. Unless you have a plan of action and some tools to help you get over that initial increase for sex, most likely you will be hiding sticky tissue paper from your Girl or Mom soon.

This is why I strongly recommend a Sexual Alchemy practice.

To learn more about sexual alchemy and how you can use these techniques to last as long as you want in the bedroom, please your partner and retain your semen, register for my upcoming Free Online Training Event. . Boys, get serious about this, your life depends on it.


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