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This will KILL your Semen Retention Practice

If you do this, you are bound to fail at semen retention (and pretty much everything else in life)

What is "this" that I am speaking of?

You compare yourself to other men you don't know.

Before I got into teaching men how to live the Semen Retention Lifestyle, my business was helping spiritual entrepreneurs increase their sales.

In the world of entrepreneurship, a new entrepreneur would look online to see others in their niche market and see how successful they were.

​​After a few months of starting their businesses, many would feel deflated because they weren't having the same success as others.

All of their worthiness and self-esteem issues would flood to the surface sabotaging their growth.

They made the common & disastrous mistake of comparing themselves to people they don't know.

Here is how this ties into the semen retention lifestyle.

You see a man online or inside one of our battalions (support groups) and he is celebrating 305 days of retention. (that just happened yesterday, Abimael, one of our soldiers went 305 days with no ejaculation using the techniques he learned from the army, what a rock-star!)

Instead of being happy for him and celebrating his victory, some men start to feel inadequate, or compare their success with his. (we have all done it)

Let me ask you, and be honest...

Are you happy for him or are you feeling less than him?

If you are happy for him you are on the right track and will become successful. Successful men like to see others being successful and get inspired by them.

If you are feeling less than him and comparing yourself in a negative way, you are limiting yourself for no good reason.

Here is the problem with comparison, you don't know Abimeal and his life circumstances.

I bet you don't know the answer to these questions about him.

How old is he?

How much porn does he watch, if any?

How long has he been practicing the lifestyle?

How much masturbation does he engage in, if any?

What experience does Abimeal have that you have no idea about?

Do you know if Abimeal is single or in a relationship?

Do you know what his diet is like?

Do you know how much body fat he carries?

I think you get my point, the list of shit you don't know about him is much bigger than what you actually know.

And btw... all those questions I asked play a major factor in your ability to retain.

That is why comparison is dangerous.

There are many factors that go into a successful semen retention practice.

Here is my advice, DON'T COMPARE!

Do this instead!

be a good student and learn from others. Be inspired by Abimeal and follow in his footsteps. Success leaves clues, but if you are to busy feeling sorry for yourself, you will miss those clues and stay stuck in your way of thinking.

If you have the need to compare (which most of us do), compare yourself to who you were yesterday. If you are getting better, your habits are improving and your overall health and vibrancy is increasing, great!

Comparing yourself to others is a suckers game and is a sure way to feel defeated. Focus on your life and your goals and forget the rest.

No one is going to help you more than you help yourself.

If you are ready to help yourself then it's time to get educated, just like Abimeal has. He joined the Army, he is an amazing student and does all the work. He uses the techniques he has learned daily in his life and has gone on to learn advanced practices as well.

If you want to get the results he has, join me this Saturday for Sex Mastery 101 and learn the techniques, science and wisdom of Semen Retention so can equip your body and mind with the tools to be successful.

Click the link below to register


Your General & Well-Wisher


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